Astra Platinum Double Edge Safety Razor Blades Review

Crafted in Russia, these razor blades are by and far one of the most popular brands among all men who shave with a double edge safety razor. Their incredibly cost efficient price point at only $.10 a blade make them easy on the budget but nevertheless a fine and close shave for many.

Regarding performance, these blades tend to be a bit more smoother. This shouldn’t be confused with sharper. If you are coming from a background of using a Feather blade and find that you occasionally nick yourself – then the Astra’s slightly smoother edge will likely be a welcome change.

Within the box of razors, you will find each individual blade wrapped in waxed paper to ensure adequate protection from incidental nicks and cuts when loading the blade.

Since these are wrapped in paper and not housed in a self-disposal kit – be sure to pick up a razor blade disposal case along with your purchase.

Overall this is a great blade and is highly recommended by many in the wet shaving community for men at all levels of experience.