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Rockwell Razors 6C Review

Starting as a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2016, Rockwell Razors has been making a name for itself in the safety razor market with unique designs and high-quality materials.

In this in-depth review, we’ll take a closer look at their most popular model, the Rockwell Razors 6C, and see if it’s worth the hype.

Let’s dive in!

Rockwell Razors 6C

Rockwell Razors 6C White Chrome Double-Edge Safety Razor for Men and Women with 6 Adjustable Shave Settings and 5 Fully Recyclable Eco Razor Blades

What We Think:

The Rockwell Razors 6C is a unique safety razor that provides a close, comfortable shave. The swappable base plates allow you to customize the aggressiveness of the shave, which is a nice feature.


Heavy weight provides stability

Variable level of aggressiveness

Unique design won’t easily break


The head is relatively large, which may make it difficult to shave in some areas

The plates are not very easy to change

Key Stats & Score


Weight (oz)




Shave Quality





Product Specifications

FeaturesRockwell Razors 6C
CompositionChromed Zinc Alloy
Country of OriginChina
Number of Pieces3
Shave PerformanceVaries Based On Plate
Blade CompatibilityAll double-edge safety razor blades
Weight (oz)3.50
Weight (g)100
Length (in)3.74
Length (cm)9.5


The Rockwell Razors 6C is a heavier razor weighing 3.50 ounces (100 grams). This weight gives the razor stability and makes it easier to apply pressure when shaving.

As you hold the razor, you’ll find that the weight is evenly distributed, making it comfortable to hold for long periods.

For context, if you want to see how heavy the Rockwell Razors 6C is, here’s a chart comparing it to other popular safety razors:

Rockwell Razors 6C weight vs other safety razors


rockwell 6c product shot

At 3.74 inches, the 6C is slightly below average in length.

Some men with larger-than-average hands may have some difficulty, but this would likely be an outlier rather than the norm.

For comparison, here’s how the 6C compares to other popular safety razors:

Rockwell Razors 6C length vs other safety razors


Rockwell Razors 6C is a zinc alloy razor that features chrome plating. Along the length of the razor handle, you find a diamond knurling pattern that provides a good grip.

So whether your hands are wet or dry, you’ll have no problem holding onto the razor, even if it is coated in shaving cream.

Long-Term Durability

One of the downsides of the chrome-plated design is that it can chip or crack, especially if you drop the razor. So instead, stainless steel or aluminum would be a better choice for a long-term razor. If this sounds interesting, look at the Rockwell Razors 6S instead; it is made of stainless steel.

Country of Origin

While Rockwell’s headquarters are in Toronto, Canada, the Rockwell Razors 6C is made in China – a country not normally known for its precision engineering and metallurgy.

Despite the country of origin, the Rockwell Razors 6C is a well-made and doesn’t showcase any durability issues.

Number of Pieces

rockwell pieces

The Rockwell Razors 6C is a three-piece safety razor (or five-piece if you count the base plates). It consists of a handle, a base plate, and a cap.

Given that each piece comes apart cleaning the razor is effortless. The razor can be disassembled and cleaned with a brush and soap. The razor can also be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Shave Performance

man shaving with the rockwell 6c

The Rockwell 6C is a versatile razor that provides a close, comfortable shave. In general, we were pretty happy with the results it delivered.

Here were some specific notes we wanted to share:

Swapping the Plates

With three different base plates, you can change the blade gap to six different levels of aggressiveness. While this feature is unique, it isn’t exactly the most user-friendly. Compared to other adjustable safety razors, the Rockwell Razors 6C is a bit of a pain to adjust. You have to unscrew the base plate, remove the blade, and then screw on the new base plate.

While this might not be a huge deal if you only use one level of aggressiveness for your entire shave, but if you want to switch between a close shave and a more comfortable shave, it can be a bit of a hassle.

Beard Type

No matter what type of facial hair you have, be it thick, dense, coarse, or fine, the 6C can provide reliably close and smooth results. If you want to remove thick stubble, we recommend using the more aggressive plate (3 or higher), as it can cleanly remove heavy stubble in a single pass.


When shaving the sideburns and neck, the 6C performs well. However, when shaving around the nose and mustache, the bulky head can make it feel a bit cramped. You may need to use your other hand to hold your nose to the side to get a better angle.

Razor Bumps

No matter the aggression of the shave, the hair should never be cut below the skin as the hysteresis phenomenon cannot occur (this is also commonly known as the lift-and-cut technique marketed by Gillette). So ingrown hairs and razor bumps won’t be an issue with the 6C.

Sensitive Skin

At its mildest setting, the Rockwell 6C is excellent for sensitive skin. When you have the technique on point, the razor glides over the skin easily and leaves no razor burn or irritation.

Required Shaving Cream

We found that the Rockwell 6C performs best with traditional shaving cream. This is because a traditional shaving cream often has a thicker and more viscous consistency than a gel or foam. Additionally, lubrication is more pronounced with a traditional shaving cream, which helps to reduce tugging and pulling on the hair and skin.

Shaving Technique

Despite the 6C being fairly mild with its least aggressive plate, it still requires a good technique to get optimal results. You’ll want to practice holding the razor at a 30-degree angle to the skin and then apply light pressure to the razor as you shave. Once you have the right cutting angle dialed in, which will take approximately five shaves to get right, you’ll achieve good results.

Compatible Razor Blades

6c alongside base plates and blades

The Rockwell Razors 6C works well with all double-edge safety razor blade brands, including Feather, Astra, and Derby. So you are free to test out different blades to find the one that works best for you.

We test out a few razor blades here if you are uncertain which brand may be right for you.

Peer Reviews

Aside from our review, we wanted to see what others had to say about the 6C.

After reviewing popular forums, reading customer reviews, and watching a few videos on YouTube, most people were pretty happy with the 6C.

What People Liked Most:

Many have shared that the 6C could give a close, smooth shave with little irritation. Some people have found that the larger head of the razor makes it difficult to shave in the nose area, but others have found that it actually makes it easier.

What People Didn’t Like:

The biggest complaint we saw was around the confusion about the base plates. Some weren’t sure if they had loaded a more or less aggressive blade gap until they began shaving their beards. If the base plate were installed incorrectly, they would have to disassemble and reassemble the razor.


Most reviewers seem happy with the Rockwell Razors 6C and would recommend it to others.


For $60, the Rockwell Razors 6C provides excellent value for the money.

The value becomes even more pronounced the longer you own it as it will be much cheaper to replace the razor blades than it would be to buy a new cartridge razor (not to mention you aren’t contributing to the plastic waste problem).

For comparison, here’s how the price of the 6C compares to other safety razors:

Rockwell Razors 6C price vs other safety razors 1


The Rockwell Razors 6C Safety Razor is available in three distinct colors: rose gold, chrome, and gunmetal. Each color offers a unique look and feel that complements any bathroom d├ęcor.

Other Rockwell Models

While the 6C is an impressive razor, it is not the only model Rockwell offers. Here are a few other models that you might want to consider:

Razor NameCombCompositionGripCountry of OriginNumber of PiecesPriceShave Performance
Rockwell Razors 6SClosed (Adjustable)Stainless SteelKnurledUSA3$120.00Varies Based On Plate
Rockwell Razors 6CClosed (Adjustable)Chromed Zinc AlloyKnurledChina3$60.00Varies Based On Plate
Rockwell Razors T2Closed (Adjustable)Brass, Stainless SteelKnurledParts from China and US. Assembled in Canada1$150.00Varies Based On Adjustment Setting
Rockwell Razors 2CClosed (Adjustable)Chromed Zinc AlloyKnurledChina3$40.00Mild To Moderate
  • Rockwell Razors 6S: Every bit as good as the 6C, the 6S is composed of stainless steel and made in the United States. The 6S includes three base plates and is available in four colors: black, matte, rose gold, and blue.
  • Rockwell Razors T2: With a simple twist of the handle, the T2 allows you to adjust the blade gap, which directly affects the aggressiveness of the shave. Consider this model if you don’t want to worry about swapping out base plates and want a razor that is easy to use.
  • Rockwell Razors 2C: At $40, the 2C is the beginner-friendly model from Rockwell. The 2C includes just one base plate that provides a mild to moderate shave.

Other Safety Razors

Aside from Rockwell, it’s important to note that other brands offer similar safety razors. Here are a few other options that you might want to consider:

Razor NameCombCompositionGripCountry of OriginNumber of PiecesPriceShave PerformanceBlade Compatibility
Merkur ProgressClosed (Adjustable)Die-Cast Zinc AlloyRidgedGermany2$70.00Varies Based On Adjustment SettingAll double-edge safety razor blades
Parker VariantClosed (Adjustable)BrassKnurledIndia2$57.00Varies Based On Adjustment SettingAll double-edge safety razor blades
Merkur FuturClosed (Adjustable)Die-Casted ZincBrushed MetalGermany2$86.00Varies Based On Adjustment SettingAll double-edge safety razor blades
Rockwell Razors 6CClosed (Adjustable)Chromed Zinc AlloyKnurledChina3$60.00Varies Based On PlateAll double-edge safety razor blades
  • Merkur Progress: More akin to the T2 model, the Merkur Progress allows you to adjust the blade gap by twisting the handle. Admittedly, it provides a good shave but doesn’t look nearly as good as the Rockwell 6C.
  • Parker Variant: An affordable adjustable safety razor made in India. While some build quality issues have been reported, most are pretty happy with the performance of the razor.
  • Merkur Futur: Both long and heavy, the Futur is a beast of an adjustable razor. Even in the mildest setting, the Futur is still quite aggressive, so it is not for the faint of heart.

Other Important Notes

There were a few other things that we wanted to mention about the Rockwell Razors 6C:


Rockwell offers a 100% quality guarantee up to 60 days after purchase for the 6C. Only the 6S is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Eco-Friendly Mission

When visiting the Rockwell Razors website, you’ll notice that they have a strong focus on sustainability. They are leading a petition to Ban Disposable Razors. You can learn more about the petition here

Recycling Tin

Rockwell Razors also offers a recycling tin for used razor blades. This is a great way to prevent injury to yourself, your family, and sanitation workers. You can learn more about the recycling tin.