Shave Secret Shaving Oil Review

We were excited to review this product for several reasons. First and foremost, Shave Secret shaving oil is by and far one of the most widely discussed and recommended products within the wet shaving enthusiast circles.

There are a few reasons for this, but the most obvious point will be its rock bottom initial price of only about $7 for a bottle. Shave Secret is available at Wal-Mart’s nationwide for a couple of bucks cheaper, making this one of the most accessible products you can purchase from this list of pre shave oil reviews.

But look:

Don’t be fooled by the rock bottom price, the bottle of Shave Secret is substantially smaller when compared to the others that are also being reviewed. In fact a bottle of Shave Secret only contains 18.75ml total (roughly .5 ounce). On a cost per ounce basis its coming in at $14 a bottle. When compared to the Art of Shaving oil, its actually more expensive ($28 for 2 ounces)!

However if you are looking to save a few bucks and just want to try out a pre shave oil, then this product will be a good first step.

Now as highly recommended as Shave Secret is, its not without its faults. The biggest gripe we have around this product is the ambiguity of the ingredients listed.

While we can have some peace of mind that this product is made within the USA and has been around since 1991, we do wish that the ingredients were listed. When visiting the Shave Secret website we did find the following from their FAQs:

Q: What are the ingredients in Shave Secret?
A: A proprietary blend of base oils (cold pressed seed and nut oils), essential oils, RX grade menthol and natural fragrance oil.

While it sounds like its an all natural product, if you have any specific nut allergies, we would recommend steering clear of this product due to its ambiguity.

Regarding the actual performance of the oil, it actually does perform pretty darn good. Overall you should be able to get a pretty close and comfortable shave whether you are using a cartridge, double edge safety razor, or even an electric shaver.

The viscosity of this oil is spot on only requiring a few drops to get adequate coverage with ample lubrication.

Generally speaking, we found that the scent of this product was a bit more clove focused, however was pretty subtle.

Last but not least, our qualitative research on what others thought around the web about this product, especially in the very vocal Badger & Blade forums was that wet shaving enthusiasts really liked this stuff. On a quantitative side of things, this product was rated fairly well when we checked out a few online vendors ranking on average at about 4.3 out of 5.

Bottom Line: Its a great beginners shaving oil and one that is highly touted online. However, don't be fooled by the low price. If you plan on purchasing this product time and time again, the cost will add up. The ambiguity of the ingredients does make it tough to fully recommend this product, especially those with skin allergies.
Shave Secret Shaving Oil 18.75Ml
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