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Parker 96R Review

The Parker 96R is a classic safety razor that has been around for several years. It is a simple yet effective razor that is perfect for those just starting to wet shave thanks to the balanced weight and beginner-friendly form factor.

Plus its competitive price will easily work into any man’s budget.

In this review, we’ll take a close look at the Parker 96R including the design and shave quality.

We’ll also compare it to some of the other popular safety razors on the market so you can see its the right razor for you.

Let’s begin:


FeaturesParker 96R
Safety BarStraight
Head CompositionBrass
Handle CompositionBrass
PlatingGraphite, Chrome
Country of OriginIndia
Blade CompatibilityAll double-edge safety razors
Number of Pieces1
Weight (oz)2.79
Weight (g)79
Length (in)4.3
Length (cm)10.9


The Parker 96R weighs 2.79 ounces, which is a touch heavier than the Merkur 34C (2.72 ounces) and Muhle Rytmo (2.47 ounces) yet substantially lighter than the Parker 99R (4.0 ounces).

You might be wondering, why weight is important.

The reason being, is that the weight affects the razor’s heft or how heavy it feels in hand. Subsequently, this directly impacts shave performance. When you have a heavy razor, you simply let it glide and the weight can do the bulk of the shaving (no extra pressure is necessary).

However, a heavier razor can be more difficult to maneuver for some. Conversely, a lighter razor may be easier to maneuver but may not give as close of a shave.

Curious how the Parker 96R stacks up to some other safety razors? Here’s a chart comparing the 96R to the rest of the field:

Parker 96R weight vs other safety razors

Here’s the table of the data:

Safety RazorWeight (oz)Weight (g)
Parker 96R2.7979
Edwin Jagger DE892.3667
Feather AS-D23.496
Merkur 23C2.1260
Merkur 34C2.7277
Merkur 37C2.7277
Merkur 38C3.88110
Merkur Futur4.44126
Muhle R413.1790
Muhle R892.468
Muhle Rytmo2.4770
OneBlade Core2.3366
Parker 26C3.496
Parker 55SL3.496
Parker 99R4113
Parker Variant3.87110


At 4.3″, the Parker 96R is an excellent razor for those with larger hands. Its length makes it easy to grip and maneuver, and its weight is evenly distributed, making it feel balanced in hand.

However, its length can also be a drawback, especially if you have modestly-sized hands. If this is true for you, then consider the Merkur 34C instead, you’ll be much happier with the size.

On the other hand (pun intended), the Parker 99R (3.8″) is a step smaller still than the 96R. Making it a good middle-of-the-road option if you are undecided.

Here’s a graph of how 96Rs length compares to other popular safety razors:

Parker 96R length vs other safety razors

Here’s the length data for each of the safety razors referenced in the previous chart:

Safety RazorLength (in)Length (cm)
Parker 96R4.3011
Edwin Jagger DE893.7410
Feather AS-D23.549
Merkur 23C4.2011
Merkur 34C3.198
Merkur 37C3.318
Merkur 38C4.0010
Merkur Futur4.2511
Muhle R414.2111
Muhle R893.7510
Muhle Rytmo3.709
OneBlade Core4.5312
Parker 26C3.7510
Parker 55SL4.0010
Parker 99R3.8010
Parker Variant4.0010


The Parker 96R has a diamond-knurled handle, which provides a more secure grip than other handle types. This is especially important when your hands are soapy or slippery as is often the case when you’re shaving.

The neck features a contrasting chrome-plating that provides a touch of refinement.


The Parker 96R is a single-piece safety razor. This variety is also known as a butterfly razor. The term butterfly refers to the fact that the blade is exposed by unscrewing the handle, somewhat like a butterfly’s wings.

Maintenance is easy, with only the blade ever needing to be replaced.

Despite the low-maintenance form-factor, trying to clean between the head and the handle can be difficult – especially more-so when compared to a two or three-piece razor.


When shaving with the Parker 96R, you can expect a smooth shave with good control. The butterfly opening makes it easy to rotate blades, and the razor is relatively gentle. The safety bar will help to flatten the skin to help reduce the occurrence of small nicks or cuts to the skin. Additionally, the small grooves along the safety bar help feed your facial hair to the cutting blade.

You might not achieve baby butt smooth results with a single pass, but should you go across or against the grain a few times, you should get a great, close shave. This razor performs well on sensitive skin and all facial hair types.

Country of Origin

The Parker 96R razor is made in India. While not as reputable as some other countries, notably Germany and Japan, expect to see some great savings on product cost which reflects in the price of a Parker 96R.

Although, you’ll see in a minute, some quality control issues were reported with this razor.


The Parker 96R is compatible with all double-edge safety razor blades, which is important because it allows you to test various brands and find the one that works best for you and your facial hair type.


Aside from our own analysis, we also looked at reviews from other shaving sites, on YouTube, and online stores to see what others had to say about the Parker 96R razor.

Here’s what we found:

The main complaints seem to be about the quality control of the product, with some people saying that their razor came with a crooked head or that the butterfly fastening degraded quickly. However, other people loved the smoothness of the shave and had no issues with the razor.

Here’s a few videos of other men reviewing the 96R:

Overall, it the Parker 96R is a great razor for most, but may not last as long as some of the more premium options available.

Other Parker Razors

The 96R isn’t the only safety razor that Parker makes. Check out these other comparable models:

  • Parker 99R: This is another mild razor. Great for sensitive skin and features a closed comb razor that reduces tug on facial hair. The chrome plating gives it a sleek look, and the knurled handle provides a good grip.
  • Parker Variant: Much more aggressive razor, well-suited for thicker facial hair. The adjustable comb allows you to customize your shave and the scalloped safety bar provides a more comfortable shave. The graphite and chrome plating is the same as the 96R and provides that familiar and confident grip.
  • Parker 26C: An open comb option that is good for experienced wet shavers. It is very aggressive razor and works well for those with thick facial hair.

Here’s a table comparing many of the popular Parker safety razors:

FeatureParker 96RParker 99RParker VariantParker 26CParker 55SlParker Adjustable Single Edge Injector
CombClosedClosedClosed (Adjustable)OpenSlantN/A
Safety BarStraightStraightScallopedNoneScallopedStraight
Head CompositionBrassBrassBrassBrassBrassStainless Steel
Handle CompositionBrassBrassBrassBrassBrassStainless Steel
PlatingGraphite, ChromeChromeGraphite, ChromeGraphite, ChromeGraphite, ChromeN/A
Country of OriginIndiaIndiaIndiaIndiaIndiaIndia
Blade CompatibilityAll double-edge safety razorsAll double-edge safety razorsAll double-edge safety razorsAll double-edge safety razorsAll double-edge safety razorsInjector blades only
Number of Pieces112331
Weight (oz)2.7943.873.43.41.24
Weight (g)79113110969635
Length (in)4.33.843.7544.96
Length (cm)10.99.610.29.510.212.6

The Verdict

Here’s a summary of the pros and cons of the Parker 96R that we found:



Knurled handle provides good grip

Good for beginners


Quality control issues

Butterfly fastening may degrade quickly

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