Jack Black ‘Clean Break’ Oil-Free Moisturizer Review

The best oil free moisturizers don’t leave your face feeling tight, and they definitely don’t dry out your face.

Using the best moisture-enhancing ingredients, you can experience soft and smooth skin without worrying about extra oils greasing up your skin.

Jack Black’s “Clean Break” moisturizer is certified organic, and contains ingredients such as white tea, basil, and sea kelp to put nutrients, vitamins, and moisture back into your skin.

Like Anthony’s Oil Free lotion, this moisturizer is specifically targeted towards the unique skin care needs of men.

Oily, greasy skin as a result of excess sebum is no match for this incredible product; men say that it has dramatically improved their skin, and they do not experience breakouts as frequently.

Because of the organic ingredients in the moisturizer, all skin types (and yes, even oily) can benefit from this product.

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