Majestic Pure Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo for Men Review

This product from Majestic Pure is essentially magic with how it works.

It uses DHT blockers to help prevent hair loss, leaving you with fuller, thicker hair in only a couple of washes. While this is advertised as being a cure for thinning hair, the manufacturers have stated that such a statement hasn’t been evaluated by the FDA.

With that being said, customers that have used this product do say that they have experienced significant hair thickening, and less hair loss, than with other shampoos.

This is because the natural DHT blockers present in some ingredients within the product help hold on to hair longer. The shampoo also repairs mild to severe damage to the hair follicles, and in turn, strengthens the base of the hair to help keep it on your head.

The smell is fantastic, very citrus-like, and acts as a re-energizer when you shower. However, one thing to note with this product is that it may cause an allergic reaction.

Test the product first on your inner elbow or back of your hand prior to use to ensure that you do not suffer any adverse effects.

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