Byrd Purifying Shampoo Review

This is the shampoo to have if you’re looking for a natural, cleansing hair product that not only repairs damage, but makes your hair healthier after only a couple of uses.

It achieves this with vegetable glycerin and aloe vera, two naturally derived ingredients that are well known for repairing skin and hair effectively, while also putting moisture back where it belongs.

The result?

Hair that is soft and silky smooth.

Other ingredients include sea salt, red algae, and kelp for added minerals. They also help to give your hair volume; no more sad hair days!

Because this is a natural product, it’s great for most skin types and doesn’t usually cause an allergic reaction.

However, it is also one of the more expensive products, especially compared to other shampoo/conditioner combinations on this list.

You will find that the price is well worth it, as the natural ingredients in the shampoo are incredibly effective at repairing year’s worth of damage in just one application.

The coconut fragrance is fantastic, so if you’re looking for something that doesn’t smell like an overabundance of citrus and tea tree oil, this is a prime choice for you.

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