Woodsman Mustache Wax by The Bearded Bastard Review

Deep in the heart of Texas, there lived a man who desired an all-natural solution to tame his mustache to perfection. They called him The Bearded Bastard, and his carefully concocted mustache wax is nothing short of legendary. Founded in 2011, this company serves to provide natural, safe products that work as hard as you do, and that’s just what they accomplished with this ultra-masculine mustache wax. With hints of pine and cedar, this firm wax goes on clear and holds fast, like a well built canoe in rough water. You’ll be impressed with the hold of this wax, as well as its lasting power and its crisp, earthy scent.

The first thing to note is that this wax uses a base of beeswax mixed with lanolin. Lanolin, or wool wax, helps add structure to the wax, which in turn helps keep your mustache soft and pliable. The beeswax holds your mustache in place, but because it has no stiffening agents, you are free to manipulate and adjust the shape of your spectacular facial hair all throughout the day. Be careful in hot and humid temperatures, however; too small of an amount may cause your carefully constructed mustache to wilt.

The smell of this wax is phenomenal. The deep woodsy scent paired with cocoa butter and other natural fragrances makes this a tease for your nostrils. It is subtle, but definitely there under your nose, and is a pleasant experience throughout the day. By adding jojoba oil in the mix, you also encourage healthy hair growth, making your facial hair even more luxurious.

Bottom Line: As far as being an all natural mustache wax, it definitely holds your mustache in place. The raw wax does need considerable heat to get into a soft state, but it is well worth it because of the strong and secure hold through the day. Your mustache also stays relatively flexible, not stiff like some other competing brands. Overall, it’s a very good brand that is well worth the cost.

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