Wild Willie’s Mustache Wax Review

I must say, when we had a chance to review the Wild Willie’s mustache wax, we were pretty darn excited. From the start, Wild Willie’s mustache wax checked all the boxes of what we were looking for in a mustache wax:

  • Provides a strong hold
  • Contains all natural ingredients
  • Contains a killer set of essential oils
  • Moderately Priced
  • Made in the USA

Let’s dive into each one of the bullet points above. First and foremost the primary reason why anyone buys a mustache wax is for the hold, and Wild Willie’s mustache wax surely delivers. Self proclaimed as providing an all day hold, this wax performs really good.

There are the occasions that you may need to use a fair bit amount of this product to provide a seriously strong hold, however you will be able to likely get away with only using a typical pea sized amount.

Also if you live in relatively hot or humid climates, this mustache wax shouldn’t melt at all making it a pretty versatile wax.

Performance of the wax aside, the second best feature of this wax is that it contains all natural ingredients. Therefore no petroleum jelly exists in this product. As with many other mustache waxes on the market, this wax by Wild Willies does use yellow bees wax as a base, along with sweet almond oil as a carrier oil.

As stressing the importance of carrier oils above, they do a terrific job in conditioning your beard to make it appear both well nourished and healthy. In addition to carrier oil, this product does also contain shea butter, which assists in making the product a bit more spreadable and even more importantly, as an extra moisturizing agent.

Next on the ingredient list is pine resin. This ingredient is collected from a tree (in this case pine) and will give any mustache wax a much stronger of a hold. This ingredient helps offset the softness that would naturally occur with a carrier oil or butter, hence its addition to this particular mustache wax.

Last but not least, the essential oils that are used for this mustache wax are tea tree, cedarwood, and rosemary, together they form an incredible scent that is manly but being a bit more in the realm of cedar and pine while also having a bit softer notes to it as well (likely given off by the rosemary essential oil).

Peer review wise, this mustache wax is generally well liked from folks online and is competitively priced at $11 for .5 ounce. While this is a little bit higher than some of the other waxes reviewed, the performance and composition of this wax makes it a real steal.

To top off this already excellent product, we were delighted to see that it is also made in the USA (Georgia). While we didn’t verify it, Wild Willie’s does claim that this product is hand made weekly. Therefore you are likely going to be getting a fairly fresh batch should you decide to pick this one up.

Bonus: Unlike all the other mustache waxes reviewed this product does come with a canvas sack and a scrapper. Therefore if you don’t like having to dig out wax with your thumbnail, you will really love the added scraping tool to make the process a bit easier and quicker.

Bottom Line: This mustache wax sets the gold standard for all other mustache waxes to follow. Great for both first timers and men who have been using other mustache waxes in the past, we highly recommend you check this one out.

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