Stache Bomb Mustache Wax Review

Overall this mustache wax performs pretty average. We say that because, while not going to give you the absolute strongest of hold throughout the day, it will at least give you some form and function to your mustache.

However, if you have a beard that is extremely unruly or wiry, then its likely going to be best to look for a wax that provides a bit stronger of a hold.

Now with that being said, the wax does contain a few key ingredients. First and foremost, the base of this mustache wax is beeswax followed up by petroleum jelly, and then “fragrance”.

A few key notes to point out about the ingredients and the actual mustache wax itself. The product appears yellow in the tin, therefore its a great neutral color that will work in just about any mans beard or mustache.

Secondly, given that this product does contain petroleum jelly, which is a chemical compound, therefore its not considered all natural and may turn off some of the purists. Remember that petroleum jelly is derived from crude oil, and therefore won’t easily absorb into your skin like a carrier oil such as jojoba or argan. In addition, many men do break out with the application of petroleum jelly.

Lastly, we largely stray away from products that mask their ingredients under a bucket of “fragrance”. We firmly believe that if you are applying a product to your face daily, you deserve to know what is in the product.

While the product itself does smell great and gives off a nice pine smell, we just simply don’t know if its a chemical manufactured pine smell or if its derived from a pine (or closely related) essential oil.

Secondly regarding the scent, we did find that it does actually dissipate rather quickly. Therefore if scents aren’t your cup of tea, if you can make it past the first hour, you likely wont notice the smell of this mustache wax.

All of this aside, the one thing that we did absolutely love about this product was that it was made in the USA (Maine). Unlike our review of determining the best beard brush, we do like when stuff is made stateside!

Generally speaking price of this wax was in the middle of the road with a total cost of $12 for a tin that contains about 1oz worth of wax.

Bottom Line: This isn’t a bad beginners wax, but with the addition of petroleum jelly along with the obscure “fragrance” on the ingredients label and just a moderate styling hold, we recommend checking out some of the alternatives within the marketplace.
Stache Bomb Stache Wax Mustache Wax Made In Maine
Stache Bomb Stache Wax - Health and Beauty

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