Percy Nobelman Mustache Wax with Natural Ingredients Review

The best mustache wax holds fast and strong all day long, but sometimes, waxes use harmful chemicals that can cause adverse effects on your skin and hair. This mustache wax by Percy Nobelman is the all-natural solution to shaping and holding your mustache the way you want it, all day long. You can shape your mustache in the morning, and because this wax is softer than most, you can reshape your hair to suit your fancy at any point in the day and still have it hold its shape. Maintaining your look has never been easier.

This wax uses a beeswax base, which is a soft, malleable wax that is easily molded and shaped. It is less permanent than petroleum based waxes, but it allows you to adjust the shape of your mustache more easily, without it feeling stiff or unworkable. The addition of shea butter and vitamin E additives make it extremely healthy for the hair as well as the skin. Cedar oil gives this wax a pleasant, woodsy smell, and limonene and citrol add some spicy fruit notes. Of course, the scent isn’t overpowering, which makes the wax fantastic for use under your nose.

The tin that this mustache wax comes in is quite small, with only 0.6 fl oz in the container. While there is certainly enough there to last you for a couple of weeks at least, depending on how much hair you have to tame, you could find yourself running out faster than most other people. Thicker mustaches are going to require a little more wax to hold than others., which is the unfortunate downside to this product.

Bottom Line: While this all-natural mustache wax is great for being soft and malleable, it doesn’t have the same holding power for thick hair as it does for thin. It does smell great, and is very easy to apply, but for the price, there definitely should be a little more in there to use.

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