Mountaineer Brand Mustache Wax Review

begin when looking for that perfect wax? If you are partial to natural waxes, the all-natural Mustache Brand wax just might do it for you. This wax is made with beeswax instead of petroleum, which is what many market brand mustache waxes are made of.

Such ingredients may hold well, but if you accidentally get some in your mouth, you may find yourself suffering from some adverse effects. The beeswax in this mustache wax is not only body safe, but it smells great too.

Speaking of smelling great, this wax has other manly scents to go under your sniffer, like cedar and pine. These two scents, in the form of cedarwood oil and fir needle oil, are combined with coconut oil and almond oil to make a very tasty-smelling concoction. The wax doesn’t smell very strong either. It’s great for sitting under your nose all day, and should not irritate even sensitive nasal passages. Overall, a great smelling product to hold up your carefully cultivated mustache.

For beeswax, this mustache shaping wax holds up all day long. While some other waxes tend to fall short on this feature, Mountaineer Brand natural mustache wax definitely gets the job done.

The light-colored wax isn’t going to stain your hair either, unlike darker waxes. This is especially beneficial for men with white hair, who may have issues with staining when using darker waxes.

Bottom Line: Beeswax is a natural and safe alternative to petroleum based waxes, but it doesn’t hold as long. This makes it malleable throughout the day, which is great if you don’t want to feel stiff or sticky, but it can also cause drooping in hot or humid conditions. The addition of the almond and coconut oil balance out the strength and power of the cedar and fir scents, leaving you with an incredibly manly scent throughout the day.

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