Fisticuffs Mustache Wax 15g Tin Review

One of the more popular mustache waxes used by both the beginners and the expert mustachioed men alike, Fisticuffs mustache wax is an ok wax to get you started.

While being a relatively cheap mustache wax, its good for beginners just getting their feet wet into the facial hair styling game.

While this may be ok for the beginner, we found, as well as many others in our peer review analysis, that the hold of this wax in particular isn’t going to be the strongest.

Generally speaking, you should expect to get a good hold from this mustache wax for only a couple hours before you may need to reapply the product in order to achieve desired results.

In addition to the moderate to weak hold, we had mixed feelings when it came to the ingredients used within this product.

On the upside, it contains beeswax, tea tree oil, jojoba oil, and coconut oil.

However we were a bit disappointed that this product buckets its essential oils and just simply states on the label “some essential oils”. In addition to the vagueness of the essential oils, this product does also contain petroleum jelly. As mentioned in an earlier product review, the addition of this synthetic ingredient disqualifies it from being considered an all natural product.

With a tin weighing 15g (or roughly .5oz), gives this wax a bit more favorable rating with its lower price.

As an added bonus, this mustache wax was made in the USA!

Lastly regarding the scent, the Fisticuffs mustache wax will have a bit more of a citrus scent that smells pleasant and will likely dissipate within the first hour of application.

Bottom Line: This isn’t a bad mustache wax to get started on given its lower price point compared to some of the other mustache waxes on the market. However, we feel its likely better to pay the few extra bucks and get one that provides a bit better of a hold and only contains all natural ingredients.

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