Fisticuffs Cigar Blend Mustache Wax Review

What man doesn’t love the scent of a deep, rich, piney cigar? It’s a masculine scent that is empowering and pleasant, perfect for every day wear or just for special occasions. This wax uses beeswax and petroleum jelly to get that soft pliable texture, which in turn makes it easy to spread onto your mustache and keep it held. It doesn’t have any residue, and is not stiff, unlike other products. It has a long holding time while still allowing you to manipulate and adjust your mustache throughout the day.

This wax gets its distinctive scent from the tea tree oil in the wax, a very strong smelling anti-fungal agent that is somewhat minty and spicy at the same time. This oil, combined with notes of coconut oil and pine, create that unique cigar scent that is very similar to a damp forest. It is very pleasant, and actually quite tame. It needs to be this way because it does sit under your nose all day. It doesn’t take long to become nose blind to the scent of this product. This product also incorporates Jojoba oil, an essential oil to strengthen hair and give it a healthy shine.

This is a very strong wax product, though your mileage may vary depending on how thick and how long your mustache is. For many reviewers, this product worked great to shape and tame their unruly facial hair. For others, it was definitely strong, but not quite strong enough for all day wear. Overall, it’s a decent product to use for most, if not all of the work day. This will depend on the weather as well, as the wax may droop at higher temperatures.

Bottom Line: For a wax that utilizes both petroleum jelly and beeswax, this is a great wax to use if you want a strong hold with a bit of pliability. The tea tree oil scent may be strong for some people, but otherwise it is a very tolerable scent. The wax has also been described as firm when first taking it out of the tin, but it warms up very easily.

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