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Muhle Rytmo Review

The Muhle Rytmo is a sleek and elegant safety razor. Available in several handle finishes and providing a mild aggressiveness to the shave, this razor is perfect for those who are looking to transition from perhaps a cartridge or even an electric shaver.

In this review, we’ll look at the core features of the Rytmo, including the weight, length, and blade system. We’ll also check out the handle and provide our overall opinion about the Rytmo and what we think about it.

Let’s dig in.

MÜHLE RYTMO Double Edge Safety Razor (Closed Comb) For Men – Perfect for Every Day Use, Barbershop Quality Close Smooth Shave
  • HIGH-GRADE RESIN HANDLE: This life-time product is designed with unmatched craftsmanship. We use only the finest materials, and this is no exception. The modern handle options include high-grade black resin, high-grade petrol blue resin, high-grade mint resin, and steamed ash.
  • CLOSED COMB RAZOR: Grooming has never felt more nostalgic. This classic safety razor’s head has a closed tooth comb design that, paired with a gap behind the foam edge, prevents build-up. The blade angle is a special design for the closest shave.
  • RECOMMENDED TECHNIQUE: For the cleanest shave, it is always recommended to keep the skin pulled taut and the blade should be drawn across the skin without applying any pressure at all. Shaving with the grain will have the best results.


FeaturesMuhle Rytmo
Safety BarScalloped
Composition (head)Die-casted zinc
Composition (handle)Brass
HandlePlastic resin handle that is available in several colors including steamed ash, black, mint, and petrol blue.
Country of OriginGermany
Blade CompatibilityWorks with any standard double edge razor blade
Number of Pieces3
Weight (ounces)2.47
Weight (grams)70
Length (inches)3.70
Length (cm)9.40


muhle rytmo product picture

The Muhle Rytmo is a moderately weighted safety razor, coming in at 2.47 ounces. This is heavier than the Merkur 23C (2.12 ounces), yet a touch lighter than the Merkur 34C (2.72 ounces) – two very comparable safety razors. The moderate weight of the Muhle Rytmo can be a benefit or a drawback depending on your preference.

The ample weight of the Muhle Rytmo will provide a close, comfortable shave. The heft of the razor means that it will do most of the work for you, gliding over your skin. This can be a great option for those with sensitive skin, as it will reduce the chance of nicks and cuts due to no extra pressure will need to be applied.

However, the weight of the Muhle Rytmo can also be a drawback. If you are used to a lighter razor, the Muhle Rytmo may feel bulky and unwieldy – especially if you are currently using a cartridge razor. It takes some getting used to in order to avoid nicks and cuts.

Here’s how the Rytmo compares to other safety razors:

Muhle Rytmo weight vs other safety razors

Here’s the weight for Rytmo along with other popular safety razors:

Safety RazorWeight (ounces)Weight (grams)
Muhle Rytmo2.4770
Edwin Jagger DE892.3667
Feather AS-D23.4096
Merkur 23C2.1260
Merkur 34C2.7277
Merkur 37C2.7277
Merkur 38C3.88110
Merkur Futur4.44126
Muhle R413.1790
Muhle R892.4068
OneBlade Core2.3366
Parker 96R2.7979
Parker 99R4.00113


The Muhle Rytmo has a length of 3.7“, which is shorter than the Merkur 23C (4.2″), let longer than the Merkur 34C (3.19″).

The modest length means the Rytmo will be easier to maneuver and work the details on your face. Men will average to smaller hands will also find this razor satisfactory.

However, sometimes smaller safety razors can be a bit tougher to get a confident grip on.

Here’s a chart comparing the Rytmo to other safety razors:

Muhle Rytmo length vs other safety razors

And here is the data:

Safety RazorLength (inches)Length (cm)
Muhle Rytmo3.709
Edwin Jagger DE893.7410
Feather AS-D23.549
Merkur 23C4.2011
Merkur 34C3.198
Merkur 37C3.318
Merkur 38C4.0010
Merkur Futur4.2511
Muhle R414.2111
Muhle R893.7510
OneBlade Core4.5312
Parker 96R4.3011
Parker 99R3.8010


muhle rytmo in blue

The Muhle Rytmo handle is made of plastic resin, which makes it more comfortable to grip than metal handles – as opposed to say the knurled handles found in other Muhle razors including the R89 and R41.

While you will enjoy the comfortable barrel, the lack of any ridges or knurling will make this much harder to grip, especially if your hands are wet or soapy. So be sure you have a clean and dry grip on the razor before starting your shave. We also recommend having a hand towel close by, so you can dry off your hands if needed.

Muhle does make the Rytmo handle available in several different finishes. So if you favor a steamed ash, black, mint, or petrol blue finish – we think you’ll love what Muhle has to offer.


The Muhle Rytmo is a three-piece safety razor. The three pieces are the baseplate, the cap, and the handle. The baseplate is the part of the razor that actually comes into contact with your skin. The safety bar on the base plate is scalloped, allowing your facial hair to enter the razor head without the risk of cutting yourself.

The three-piece design makes cleaning this safety razor is relatively simple. You can unscrew the handle from the baseplate and the cap, and then rinse all of the parts under running water. If you want to give your razor a more thorough cleaning, you can soak the parts in a cup of warm water with a little bit of dish soap.


muhle rytmo as part of a set

The Muhle Rytmo razor is a milder razor that is beginner-friendly and provides good control. Expect to make a few passes to get a smooth shave with minimal irritation.

However, if you aren’t yet confident in cross or against the grain cuts on your facial hair, there is no need to worry. The Rytmo (just like the R89) is capable of delicately handling both cross and against the grain cutting. Additionally, it will do a fine job of trimming your sideburns, maintaining the contours of your mustache, and shaping your beard.

Country of Origin

The Muhle Rytmo is made in Germany, where precision engineering and a rich history combine to create a top-quality product.


The Muhle Rytmo works with any standard double edge razor blade. This means that you can test out a variety of brands and find the one that works best for your facial hair type. You can also find the blade that is the sharpest, which is important for a close shave.

We provide a great list of some terrific starter blades if you are uncertain which brand to go with.


The Muhle Rytmo seems to be a hit or miss with reviewers.

Some love it for its smooth shaves and well-crafted design while others found some serious quality control issues. The main complaints seem to be with the quality of the razor, with some reviewers finding it to be poorly made with cracks and imperfections.

Additionally, when compared to a few other safety razors, namely the Edwin Jagger DE89 or Parker 99R, some reviewers noted that it was a bit overpriced.

The packaging is also not up to par with what some reviewers were expecting. Overall, it seems that the Rytmo is a good razor if you can get past the quality and price issues.

Lastly, here’s the Rytmo in action:

Other Muhle Safety Razors

The Rytmo isn’t the only safety razor that Muhle makes. Here are a few others:

FeatureMuhle RytmoMuhle R41Muhle R89
Safety BarScallopedNoneScalloped
Head CompositionDie-Casted ZincDie-Casted Zinc With A Brass ThreadingDie-Casted Zinc With A Brass Threading
Handle CompositionBrassBrassDie-Casted Zinc
HandlePlastic Resin HandleKnurledKnurled
Country of OriginGermanyGermanyGermany
Blade CompatibilityAll double-edge safety razorsAll double-edge safety razorsAll double-edge safety razors
Number of Pieces333
Weight (oz)2.473.172.4
Weight (g)709068
Length (in)
Length (cm)9.410.79.5
  • Muhle R41 is an extremely aggressive razor that is designed for experienced wet shavers. It is a knurled razor that is 4.21 inches long and weighs 3.17 ounces. The R41 provides close and smooth results, but can be difficult to use for those who are new to wet shaving.
  • Muhle R89 is a milder razor that is designed for beginners. It is a closed comb razor that is 3.75 inches long and weighs 2.4 ounces. The R89 provides consistent results and is easier to use than the R41. A great alternative if you want a knurled handled.

The Verdict

The Muhle Rytmo is a great razor, but does have some notable drawbacks. Here’s our pros and cons of this safety razor:


Beginner friendly

Smooth shave

Elegant design


Quality issues

Handle can become slick if hands wet or soapy

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