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Muhle R89 Review

If you’re in the market for a new safety razor, you’ve probably come across the Muhle R89.

This razor is one of the most popular and for good reason. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Muhle R89 and what makes it so special.

This includes reviewing the design as well as some of the main features.

Let’s begin:


This table summarizes all the key features of the Muhle R89:

FeatureMuhle R89
Safety BarScalloped
Compatible BladesWorks with any standard double edge razor blade
Composition (head)Die-casted zinc with a brass threading
Composition (handle)Die-casted zinc
Country of OriginGermany
Number of Pieces3
Weight (oz)2.40
Weight (g)68
Length (inches)3.75
Length (cm)9.53


The Muhle R89 razor is a well-built, solid razor that will give you a close, comfortable shave. Its moderate weight, at 2.4 ounces, feels sturdy in the hand. The weight also helps the razor glide smoothly over your skin.

For comparison, the Muhle R89 is a bit lighter than the Merkur 34C (2.72 ounces), yet slightly heavier than the Edwin Jagger DE89 (2.36 ounces). If you’re used to shaving with a heavier razor, you may find the Muhle R89 too light.

However, if you’re transitioning from a cartridge razor, we think you’ll be happy with the Muhle R89.

How the Muhle R89 compares to other safety razors:

Muhle R89 weight vs other safety razors
Safety RazorWeight (ounces)Weight (grams)
Muhle R892.4068
Edwin Jagger DE892.3667
Feather AS-D23.4096
Merkur 23C2.1260
Merkur 34C2.7277
Merkur 37C2.7277
Merkur 38C3.88110
Merkur Futur4.44126
Muhle R412.3667
Muhle Rytmo2.4770
OneBlade Core2.3366
Parker 96R2.7979
Parker 99R4.00113


The Muhle R89 is a bit on the longer side compared to other razors. This can be beneficial for people with larger hands, as they can get a better grip on the razor. However, people with smaller hands may find it more difficult to control.

In total, the Muhle R89 measures in at 3.75″. Shorter than say the Merkur Futur (4.25″), yet substantially longer than the Merkur 37C (3.31″). Truly a middle-of-the-road option here.

Muhle R89s length compared to other razors:

Muhle R89 length vs other safety razors
Safety RazorLength (inches)Length (cm)
Muhle R893.759.5
Edwin Jagger DE893.749.5
Feather AS-D23.549.0
Merkur 23C4.2010.7
Merkur 34C3.198.1
Merkur 37C3.318.4
Merkur 38C4.0010.2
Merkur Futur4.2510.8
Muhle R413.709.4
Muhle Rytmo3.709.4
OneBlade Core4.5311.5
Parker 96R4.3010.9
Parker 99R3.809.7


The Muhle R89 cap and handle are made from die-casted zinc with a brass threading. The plating is chrome, which gives it a durable finish that will last a lifetime. The R89 is a solid razor that is built to last and will not break easily.

However, some wet shaving purists liken the composition to pot metal or Zamak and prefer a more durable material such as stainless steel. While a valid argument, the metal construction will still last you for years instead of months, making it a solid investment.

Plus the plastic-free body is eco-friendly.


muhle r89 knurl handle

The Muhle R89 handle is a great choice for those who are looking for a razor with a good grip. The knurled handle provides confidence even when your hands are soapy. The precision engineering on the handle is truly a nod to its German-made origins.

One downside of the R89 handle is that it is not as comfortable to hold as some of the other handle types available. However, this is a minor downside and does not affect the overall performance of the razor.

Country of Origin

Like all Muhle razors, the R89 is made in Germany (with headquarters in Berlin) – a country widely revered for precision engineering skills.



The Muhle R89 has three separate pieces – a baseplate, a cap, and a handle.

Three pieces on the Muhle R89 can be seen as an advantage as it is much easier to clean because it has more parts. Additionally, the longevity should be better since there is less welding points throughout the razor.

Compatible Blades

The Muhle R89 razor can be used with any standard double edge razor blade. This makes it a great choice for those who want to experiment with different blades, as there are a variety of brands and types available.

So if you have facial hair that is either thin or coarse, you can find a blade that will give you the perfect shave without any irritation.


We love the aggressiveness of the Muhle R89. This razor is known for its ability to provide a close shave with fewer passes, which can help reduce irritation. We’d rate it just a touch above a mildly aggressive shave, making it a perfect shave for those who want to try a classic look without the high-level irritation of a truly aggressive razor such as the Muhle R41.

Like all safety razors, men susceptible to razor bumps found that the R89 quickly reduced ingrown hairs with regular use.

What Others Think

The Muhle R89 is a safety razor that many reviewers liked for its precision and close shave. However, some reviewers found the razor to be too aggressive, especially for beginners. Others found the handle to be off-balance and difficult to grip. However, much of the feedback that we came across could have likely been corrected by following the proper shaving techniques.

Additionally, here are a few video reviews that provide you a good look at the expected performance of the R89:

The Verdict

Overall, the Muhle R89 is a top consideration for many. It is well made and built to last for several years. The aggressiveness is slightly more than comparable models, but still beginner-friendly.

To summarize, here are the pros and cons:


Close shave

Good control

3-piece design


Some may prefer a less aggressive razor

It is a bit on the longer side compared to other razors

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