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Muhle R41 Review

Popular with wet shaving enthusiasts, the Muhle R41 is an open comb safety razor that provides an aggressive shave and smooth results. Commonly referred to as “The Beast,” we’ll see if this safety razor lives up to its name. 

In this article, we’ll look at all features of the R41, including the handle, weight, pieces, and cost. We’ll also compare it to other top-selling safety razors so you can decide if the Muhle R41 is right for you.

Let’s begin:

MÜHLE TRADITIONAL R41 Double Edge Safety Razor (Open Comb) For Men – Perfect for Every Day Use, Barbershop Quality Close Smooth Shave
  • THE HANDLE: We design all of our products to be long-lasting, and this handle is no exception. The modern handle options include classic chrome, rose-gold metal, faux tortoiseshell, and black chrome.
  • CLASSIC OPEN RAZOR:  Grooming has never felt more nostalgic. This classic safety razor head has an open tooth comb design developed to give the closest shave.  The  teeth, whilst not sharp, effectively channel beard and hair to the blade, whilst allowing more lather to remain on the face.
  • RECOMMENDED TECHNIQUE: For the cleanest shave, it is always recommended to keep the skin pulled taut and the blade should be drawn across the skin without applying any pressure at all. Shaving with the grain will have the best results.
  • MÜHLE DIFFERENCE: Our actions are driven by an affinity with nature and a desire for the very highest quality. Expert know-how and pioneering spirit flow into every product, whether it be a handcrafted unique item or serially produced goods.
  • SUSTAINABILITY: As a member of the Environmental Alliance of Saxony we are committed to sustainability and cooperate with suppliers who uphold the same high standards. Our products come completely without plastic.


Here are all the key features of the R41:

FeaturesMuhle R41
Safety BarNone
Composition (head)Die-casted zinc with a brass threading
Composition (handle)Brass
Country of OriginGermany
Compatible BladesWorks with any standard double edge razor blade
Number of PiecesThree
Weight (oz)3.17
Weight (g)90
Length (inches)4.21
Length (cm)10.69


muhle r41 product picture

The Muhle R41 is a great razor, but its weight could be a drawback. The R41 weighs 3.17 ounces, which is significantly more than the Muhle R89 (2.4 ounces) and the Merkur 34C (2.72 ounces).

This extra weight can make the razor feel a bit unwieldy, and it can be tough to get a close shave with it. However, the weight of the R41 does make it feel more sturdy and substantial than other razors. When shaving with the R41, little pressure is required. Simply let the weight of the razor do the shaving for you.

Here’s how the R41 stacks up to other popular safety razors:

Muhle R41 weight vs other safety razors
Safety RazorWeight (ounces)Weight (grams)
Muhle R413.1790
Edwin Jagger DE892.3667
Feather AS-D23.4096
Merkur 23C2.1260
Merkur 34C2.7277
Merkur 37C2.7277
Merkur 38C3.88110
Merkur Futur4.44126
Muhle R892.4068
Muhle Rytmo2.4770
OneBlade Core2.3366
Parker 96R2.7979
Parker 99R4.00113


At 3.70″ in length, the Muhle R41 is a great razor just about any hand size or those who prefer a slightly longer razor when compared to some of the shorter models out there. Its length provides plenty of leverage and makes it easier to reach all areas of the face, especially around the jawline.

The R41 can easily maneuver tight spaces, particularly around the mustache, with absolute ease.

Here’s how the length of the R41 compares to a few other safety razors:

Muhle R41 length vs other safety razors
Safety RazorLength (inches)Length (cm)
Muhle R413.709.4
Edwin Jagger DE893.749.5
Feather AS-D23.549.0
Merkur 23C4.2010.7
Merkur 34C3.198.1
Merkur 37C3.318.4
Merkur 38C4.0010.2
Merkur Futur4.2510.8
Muhle R893.759.5
Muhle Rytmo3.709.4
OneBlade Core4.5311.5
Parker 96R4.3010.9
Parker 99R3.809.7


muhle r41 view of the handle

The Muhle R41 handle type is a knurled handle that provides a good grip for soapy hands. This handle type is different from other handle types because it provides more confidence when using the razor.

Note: Muhle does make the R41 in several different finishes including black, rosegold, and tortoiseshell.


muhle r41 number of pieces

The Muhle R41 has three pieces: a baseplate, a top cap, and a handle. This design is advantageous because it makes the razor easier to clean regularly.

Additionally, with fewer welding points or moving parts when compared to a one or two piece safety razor may improve the long-term durability of the Muhle R41.

Country of Origin

The Muhle R41 is made in Germany, and it is known for its precision engineering and rich history in shaving razors.


The Muhle R41 lives up to its name and is an extremely aggressive razor. We found that even when used on thick, coarse hair the Muhle R41 gave a very close shave after just a single plass of the razor blade.

Therefore, it is important to take extra care when shaving with this razor to avoid any potential surface cuts or prolonged bleeding. It would be wise to make sure that you have a good shaving cream or soap with a generous lather along with a styptic pencil should any nick occur.

Compatible Blades

The Muhle R41 works with any standard double edge razor blade. This means that you can test out a variety of brands including Feather, Astra, Derby, Gillette and sharpness levels to find the perfect blade for your facial hair type.

What Others Think

Other guys that have picked up the Muhle R41 enjoyed the closeness of the shave and the quality of the razor. However, some reviewers found the razor too aggressive, constantly causing nicks and razor burns even after using it for a long time. Others found the handle, despite the knurling, to be slippery when wet. It is worth mentioning that when reading razor reviews, personal technique, facial hair type, and expertise play a big part in the shave experience and should be taken into consideration.

Ultimately, the general consensus among reviewers was that the Muhle R41 is a high-quality razor that is best suited for experienced wet shavers.

Here are also a few videos of other men reviewing the R41:

Other Razors by Muhle

Two other razors that Muhle makes that many may consider instead of the R41 are the R89 and the Rytmo.

The Rytmo and R89 have closed combs, meaning they will provide a milder shave. Additionally, the Rytmo features an elegant and polished handle while the R89 and R41 have a knurled handle to provide a better grip and control during the shave.

The Rytmo and R89 are great substitutes to the Muhle R41 should you like a milder shave, a closed comb, or a more polished handle. However, the R41 is still a premium razor in its own right.

The Verdict

Overall, the Muhle R41 is a great razor. Here are the pros and cons:


Great length works for just about everyone

Knurled handle provides a good grip

Open comb design shaves off nearly all facial hair in a single pass


Razor is aggressive and can cause nicks

Takes a long time to master

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