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Mountaineer Brand Review

Mountaineer Brand is a beard care company that makes various well-performing naturally-derived products.  In this review, we’ll share with you more about the company, look at a few of their popular offerings, and cover other essential details.

Let’s begin.

About Mountaineer Brand

Founded in 2013, the privately-owned Mountaineer Brand has a unique and interesting back story. Founder Eric Young was simply looking for a way to save some money by making all-natural men’s care products for himself. Over time, the products turned into a viable business, and Young decided to branch out, offering products right to customers’ doors. 

Why all-natural? In 2009, Young lost his wife of 16 years to breast cancer. He was passionately committed to ensuring that only the best and safest ingredients ended up in the men’s grooming products he produced. His three young children spurred his desire to ensure everything about his brand promoted a healthy, natural lifestyle (source).

We’re going to take a look at some of Young and Mountaineer Brand’s products and highlight some of the things we like about each and what you may want to consider when selecting a men’s grooming product for you. 

Mountaineer Brand Timber Beard Oil 

mountaineer brand beard oil


If you’ve ever had a beard, you know how crucial it is to have a great beard oil to keep your whiskers clean and calm. Mountaineer Brand Timber Beard Oil is the one you’re looking for. Made with just six natural ingredients and free of sulfates and parabens, the Timber Beard Oil is a great addition to your facial hair care routine. We’re big fans of the inclusion of jojoba oil, one of the carrier oils, which has been shown to keep skin hydrated, soft, and supple. Whether you’ve got a beard down to your chest or a neat cropped look close to the cheeks, this oil will keep your beard looking great. 

Whenever you’re considering a product to put on your skin, you should always consider scent. This Timber Beard Oil has a woodsy scent with notes of fir, eucalyptus, and cedar. Not a fan of timber? No problem; Mountaineer Brand beard oils also come in citrus, smokey bourbon, and original scents, just to name a few. 

The subscribe and save is a great option to save some money and ensure you never run low.


  • Pure, all-natural ingredients guaranteed
  • Great scents ranging from Timber all the way to smokey bourbon
  • Carrier oils like jojoba ensure your skin stays clean and hydrated


  • Could be a bit pricey if you tend to use a lot of beard oil at one time
  • We’d love to see this available in a larger bottle

Mountaineer Brand Timber Beard Wash 

mountaineer brand beard wash


An all-natural beard wash must be free of chemicals and harsh ingredients; the Mountaineer Brand Timber Beard Wash takes this to the next level. To put it simply, you can pronounce all the ingredients, which is a big win in today’s market. The Timber Beard Wash comes in an easy-to-use 4 oz. bottle and produces a rich lather that will help your beard feeling clean and fresh. Perfect for guys with scratchy beards or beard itch, the Mountaineer Brand Timber Beard wash also has a nice scent that features a hint of fir needle and cedar. If there is a more manly smell than that, we’ve never heard of it. 

If you’ve got dry skin, one of the most important things you can do is keep your beard clean. Beards can trap dirt and oil close to the skin, making cleaning necessary. Modern shampoos and washes tend to have artificial additives that strip hair, and while they clean the skin, they also expose it to lots of bad ingredients that can actually dry skin. The Mountaineer Brand stays away from all of it with natural oils and ingredients that help you keep your beard clean, the natural way.


  • Price point means this great beard wash isn’t a luxury item
  • The cedar and fir scent is stand out
  • Easy to apply with hands


  • We’d love to see this in a larger bottle 
  • The subscribe option is the same price as the one-time purchase

Mountaineer Brand Heat Infused Beard Growth Serum 

mountaineer brand beard growth serum


When we first came across the Mountaineer Brand Heat Infused Beard Growth Serum we were a bit skeptical. After all, this product claims to be able to help your beard hair grow stronger and thicker using a proprietary blend of essential oils. It seems to good to be true. And yet, when we looked further into its potential, it turns out that beard growth oils like Mountaineer Brand’s entry do actually work!

There are many things that can affect beard growth, most importantly genetics and diet. If you’re eating a healthy diet, including lots of Vitamin C and Calcium, you are more likely to grow a strong, thick beard. The other element, however, is proper conditioning with nutrients and supplements – and that is what the Heat Infused Beard Growth Serum provides. Including both jojoba oil and Biotin, this serum can stimulate hair follicles to produce thick, rich whiskers.

The price can be a bit steep, and the bottle is small, so if you’re using it frequently, you should budget accordingly. However, we love the clean smoke and spice scent it provides, and after all, who doesn’t want a thicker beard?


  • Awesome smokey, woody scent
  • Easy to apply, particularly for those with shorter beards
  • Works for most men who are also eating well 


  • Successful beard growth is a factor of many things, not just use of the serum
  • Pricey and a small container

Mountaineer Brand Mountain Fresh Conditioning Beard Balm 

mountaineer brand beard balm


Whether you’ve got a beard down to your belly button or a close-cropped set of whiskers that frame your face, proper conditioning is an absolute must. It’s important to keep your skin soft and supple and the hair both strong and soft. The Mountaineer Brand Mountain Fresh Conditioning Beard Balm provides all of that in, quite possibly, the best scent that has ever graced our nostrils. Full of a rich sage and peppermint scent, this balm is made from all-natural beeswax, butters, oils, and creams. 

When used regularly, the Mountaineer Brand balm can even repair damaged hair, making it something of a magic beard balm. It’s also Mountaineer’s signature product so you know it’s been developed, tested, and manufactured to high quality. Paring the balm with another one of Mountaineer’s products like the beard wash can help your beard stay fresh, clean, and soft.


  • A signature product that helps keep your beard up to snuff
  • Repairs damaged whiskers
  • Sage and peppermint make for a stellar scent


  • If you’ve got a long beard, it could take a while to apply
  • Pricey depending on number of uses

Mountaineer Brand Lime & Sage Deodorant

mountaineer brand deodorant


All those products making your beard great are for naught if your underarms smell like a gym sock. That’s why the Mountaineer Brand Lime & Sage Deodorant is such a great addition to any men’s care routine. Made from a specific set of oils and free from harsh ingredients like aluminum and baking soda that can clog pores, the Mountaineer Brand deodorant will keep you smelling fresh for hours.

One of the ingredients we love here is the Dead Sea salt and arrowroot powder, both of which are proven to absorb wetness and deodorize naturally. The other oils, specifically the neem and tea tree oils, help kill bacteria that loves to populate in the underarm area. Considering the price difference between this and the chemical-heavy commercial products, the Mountaineer Brand Lime & Sage Deodorant is a must-buy.


  • Great price point when compared to harsher products
  • Specific oils target bacteria and smell naturally good
  • Lime & sage is a great combo for scent


  • We’d love to see a multi-pack available for easy purchasing
  • It can be slightly difficult to apply; must be softened first

Other Items Mountaineer Brand Makes

If you already have your cart full of the great products above or want to adventure into another area of personal men’s care, Mountaineer Brand has you covered. They basically make any type of care product you might ever need, including a mustache wax that will give you a clean, neat lip wig, and head and face scrub that can go great with any of the beard products. For men who are shaven, or use a razor to clean up the edges, Mountaineer makes a whole line of pre-shave, balm, soap, and accessory products to make sure you get a clean, sharp shave.

Already a Mountaineer super fan? Then grab yourself a t-shirt or hat and show off your pride.  Just chapped up? The Lip Gunk is one of the better lip balms we’ve come across. Mountaineer Brand products also make perfect gifts for both bearded and clean-shaven men – bundles and gift products are available for easy giving.

Mountaineer Brand Policies

  • Mountaineer Brand offers same-day shipping by USPS First Class mail if orders are placed by 12:00 p.m. ET, Monday-Friday.
  • Free shipping is available for orders of $45.
  • Mountaineer offers a 100% money-back policy, no questions asked.

Where Can You Buy Mountaineer Brand Products

  • Amazon: A number of different Mountaineer products are available on Amazon – if you’re a Prime member, this could make things more affordable for you.
  • Walmart: Most products are available at Walmart, including the Pre- & Post-shave balm set, which we love.
  • Target: Head down the block to your local Target, and you’ll likely find Mountaineer products.
  • Etsy: Here, you’ll find all the products you’re looking for as well as a number of tester size options, which can be great if you’re on the fence.
  • Direct: When possible, it’s always good to go direct, ensuring that the product in question gets the most profit margin and is authentic.

What Others Say About Mountaineer Brand

Folks generally love Mountaineer Brand products and have limited criticism.  Here are a few noteworthy reviews:

“I don’t know what is in this stuff but I love it . I spray my beard with it every morning then massage oil in and my beard will absolutely glisten for the rest of the day.”

Arthur S. on the Heat Infused Growth Primer

“It was ok. Had to much of a menthol scent for me.”

Brent J. on the Beard Oil

“Love the woodsy scent and the protection without harsh chemicals. I’ll buy it again for sure!”

Bill G. on the Deoderant

“I’ve been buying this beard wash for a while now and the color has changed from clear to cloudy looking. It smells a little different and it doesn’t seem to lather like it used to. Not sure why it’s changed. Love this company, I will continue to use the heavy duty Beardbalm and oils for sure. Just a little confused on what happened to the beard wash.”

Jason I. on the Beard Wash

Alternatives to Mountaineer Brand

There are a number of companies that offer similar beard care products that you may want to consider.  Here are a few of them:

Where Are Mountaineer Brand Products Made?

Mountaineer Brand products have been made in beautiful Martinsburg, West Virginia, since 2013.

Mountaineer Brand Promo & Discount Codes

Mountaineer Brand often offers a number of sales and promo codes. The best way to stay in the know is to sign up for the newsletter to access exclusive offers. The subscription service also offers a savings.

Common Questions About Mountaineer Brand

What are some primary scents that Mountaineer Brand makes in their products?

You can find many of the Mountaineer Brand products available in these scents:
– Timber
– Citrus
– Sage
– Pine tar
– Lime
– Mountain Fresh
– Smokey Bourbon
– Unscented

How do you apply the Mountaineer Brand beard oil?

You’ll want to apply Mountaineer Brand beard oil just like any other:
– Pour out a dime-sized amount into the palm of your hand
– Rub hands together briskly
– Work the oil into the skin underneath your facial hair, being sure to lift slightly to get the under side
– Lightly coat hair follicles
– Style with your favorite beard brush or beard comb

Where are Mountaineer Brand products made?

Mountaineer Brand products have been made in beautiful Martinsburg, West Virginia, since 2013.

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