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MicroTouch Tough Blade Review

When it comes to cartridge razors, there is no shortage of selection.  Not only do you have the stalwarts like Gillette and Schick, but in recent years we have seen new brands such as Harry’s, Solimo, and MicroTouch enter the scene.

Similar in both form and performance to the wildly popular Gillette Mach3, the MicroTouch Tough Blade is a suitable and affordable alternative.

In the review below, you will learn more about the MicroTouch Tough Blade and if it’s the appropriate razor to meet your needs.

Editor’s Note: We paid for the Tough Blade out-of-pocket. This article is not a paid review.  This post contains affiliate links.  Tools of Men is independently owned and operated.  MicroTouch is not aware of this post before publication.

MicroTouch Tough Blade Packaging & Design Review

Here’s an overview of the packaging and design of the Tough Blade:


Packaged like most standard cartridge razors, the Tough Blade includes the handle and a set of six starter blades…

microtouch tough blade packaging

…along with an endorsement from legendary Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre.

Prominently throughout the package, you will see that MicroTouch is proud to state that the Tough Blade is made in Germany.


There are many components at play when reviewing and considering a cartridge razor.  Here’s a complete design breakdown of Tough Blade:

Head Size

The razor head on the Tough Blade is noticeably smaller when compared to other popular brands.  Here’s how the Tough Blade looks when compared to the beefy Schick Hydro Stubble Eraser:

microtouch tough blade compared to schick blade

And when set next to the comparable Gillette Mach3:

microtouch tough blade compared to mach3 cartridge blade

Given that it only relies on three cutting blades, the Tough Blade head is modestly sized compared to other modern cartridge razors available.


The Tough Blade contains a rubberized grip that is slightly weighted:

view of the underside of the microtouch tough blade handle

The rubber allows for better control when your hands are wet or covered with shaving cream.


As covered previously, the Tough Blade contains only three cutting blades, which as you will see in a moment, is very comparable to the Mach3:

closeup of microtouch tough blade cartridge blades

Where the Tough Blade differs from modern cartridge razor brands is the absence of a precision trimmer for detailing:

microtouch tough blade compared to gillette fusion diagram points out no precision trimmer

While the Tough Blade head is relatively small, making clean or precise cuts particularly around the nose, sideburns, or goatee, it may take a few extra seconds to perform.

Replacement Blades

One of the strangest features about the Tough Blade is that replacement cartridges are not sold separately (at least online).  Therefore, you must re-buy the handle to get additional cartridges. 

This creates unnecessary waste, especially if your handle is perfectly fine.  At $10 for a pack of six cartridges, at least the price is affordable.

Slender Profile

One striking feature about the Tough Blade is how flat the neck and razor head are.  When resting on a flat surface, you can see that the razor head is essentially an extension of the neck:

microtouch tough blade on bathtub ledge demonstrating thin design

To provide you with a better frame of reference, here’s how high the neck of the Gillette SkinGuard looks when resting on a flat surface:

gillette skinguard on bathtub ledge showing bulkier design

As you can see, it’s a much more pronounced curve from the neck to the handle.

Proprietary Head

Like printer and ink, cartridge razor brands sell their handle for cheap and upsell you on the pricey refills.  The Tough Blade contains a proprietary head fitting, so you are unable to swap between brands.  Here’s a close up of the Tough Blade without the razor head attached:

closer look at the proprietary fitting for the microtouch tough blade

And here’s a look at all the major brands next to each other:

proprietary fittings for multiple cartridge razors


Like most cartridge razors, the Tough Blade offers a nice pivot:

demonstrating the pivot range for the microtouch tough blade

This allows the razor head to remain in contact with the skin even when passing over the natural contours of your face.

Length & Weight

The MicroTouch Tough Blade is long.  At 5.75″ in length, it is among the longest cartridge razors currently available:

length of microtouch tough blade to other popular razors

Despite the long body, the Tough Blade is light.  At 1.27oz (36g), it is one of the lightest razors available.

Here are key stats of other popular razor brands for reference:

RazorWeight (g)Weight (oz)Length (in)
MicroTouch Tough Blade361.275.75
Gillette Mach3351.235.4
OneBlade Core662.334.5
Merkur 34C772.723.3
Schick Hydro431.525.6
Gillette SkinGuard401.415.5

MicroTouch Tough Blade Performance Review

Before you see how the MicroTouch Tough Blade performs, here are a few important details you should know:


Here’s a look at how the Tough Blade performed when shaving:

man shaving with the microtouch tough blade
man shaving neck with the microtouch tough blade


Finally, here’s how the skin looked post-shave:

man smiling while showing face after using the microtouch tough blade
man looking up to expose neck to demonstrate results of the microtouch tough blade

What We Liked

  • For the price, the Tough Blade provides a cartridge-level performance for a disposable-like price.  Kudos to MicroTough for delivering when it comes to value.
  • Long passes with no clogging allowed the razor to glide through a dense and thick stubble without noticeable tugging, pulling, or irritation.
  • Despite the handle being so long, it wasn’t too unwieldy.  Men with larger hands should enjoy the added length for better control.
  • While it doesn’t have a precision trimmer, the modestly sized head coupled with the thin profile allows the Tough Blade to get under the nose area without issue.
  • The reduced number of blades will be welcomed by men who have sensitive skin.
  • The Tough Blade may or may not reduce razor bumps; typically, fewer blades will equate to a reduction in ingrown hairs.

What We Didn’t

  • Some light pressure may be needed given the weight.  Be sure to have a steady hand when using and don’t try to overcompensate.
  • While the lack of a precision trimmer isn’t a deal-breaker by any means, it does take some getting used to, especially if you are transitioning from a modern cartridge razor.
  • We wish MicroTouch sold cartridge refills individually. Having to buy a new handle every time seems unnecessary. 

Final Thoughts

The Tough Blade provides a pleasant shaving experience.  If you have sensitive skin or are on a tight budget, then the Tough Blade should be a top consideration.  It does what it was designed to do at an affordable price point.

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