MicroTouch Solo Review

Like the Philips Norelco OneBlade, the MicroTouch Solo is a unique trimmer that blends the line between both a traditional cartridge razor and a body hair trimmer.

If you are on the fence about buying the MicroTouch Solo, we hope that we can help you.  

In this review, we will share with you a detailed and honest look at the trimmer.  This includes an overview of the packaging, what’s included when you purchase it, and of course, the performance.  

Let’s begin:

Review Notes: We paid for the MicroTouch Solo out-of-pocket. This is not a paid review.  This post contains affiliate links.  Tools of Men is independently owned and operated.  MicroTouch is not aware of this post prior to publication.

What’s Included with the MicroTouch Solo

Here’s an overview of the packaging and what you can expect when you buy the MicroTouch Solo:

Exterior Packaging

Everything is fairly standard here.  As you can see, the MicroTouch Solo is intended for trimming, edging, and grooming:

front of the box for the microtouch solo

One observation worth sharing is that the cutting blades are made from German stainless steel.

However, as you flip the box upside down, you will see that the MicroTouch Solo is made in China.

And here’s how things look on the back of the box:

back of the microtouch solo

We’ll be going over all the features later on.

What’s Included

Now for what actually comes with the MicroTouch Solo:

all items on black mat that come with the microtouch solo

As you can see, the MicroTouch Solo includes the following:

  • USB charging cable
  • Blade Guard
  • 3 Combs
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Inserts + Owner’s Manual (not pictured)

The combs are also available in three different cutting lengths:

three different combs sitting on a bathroom coutnertop

So, you have some versatility in trimming your hair to 5mm, 3mm, 1mm, or nearly skin level (with no comb attached).

The combs do have a rather pointed end:

closeup of comb on microtouch solo

Therefore, if you intend to use this for body grooming, we recommend that you avoid delicate areas as the poking of these combs may cause some discomfort.


What makes the MicroTouch Solo unique from other beard or body hair trimmers is the size.  At just 6″ in length, it is only 0.5″ longer than a standard cartridge razor but a full 2″ shorter than a beard trimmer:

length of microtouch solo compared to other devices

Further blurring the lines between a body hair trimmer and a cartridge razor is the pivoting head that is available on the MicroTouch Solo.  To demonstrate, here’s how much the razor head can pivot:

demonstrating pivot of the microtouch solo

When a comb is attached, the head can still pivot easily:

demonstrating pivot of the microtouch solo with comb on

The head is about 2″ wide, a standard width for most razors. 

Additionally, the head on the MicroTouch Solo is replaceable should it become dull after extended use or if you accidentally drop it on the hard bathroom floor and it breaks (more on replacement costs later on):

replacement head sitting next to microtouch solo

But one minor design flaw we noticed was when the comb is attached to the cutting head.  Like the Philips Norelco OneBlade, only one cutting blade can be used when the comb is attached:

microtouch solo with comb on

The other side is completely blocked by plastic:

microtouch solo comb on opposite side

What does this mean for you?

Should you only ever use the MicroTouch Solo with a comb attached, you are effectively only using half the blade.  Therefore, if it becomes dull, you are going to be replacing the head even when the other side remains sharp.

It would have been nice to see a comb that allows you to use both sides in order to get more value and improve efficiency while trimming (so you can shave back and forth – especially important if you are using this for body grooming).

When it comes to travel, the slide-on blade guard was a nice inclusion–simply slip it over the blades to protect them when the MicroTouch Solo is in your gym bag or Dopp kit:

microtouch solo with blade guard on

Note: There was no mention of a power travel-lock ability with this device to prevent it from turning on while in transit.


Considering that this is a trimmer with a lithium-ion battery, the MicroTouch Solo is surprisingly light.  As you can see in the comparison image below, it weighs 59g (2.08oz).

microtouch solo weight compared to other shaving devices

This puts it in the same class as a standard cartridge razor and well below the weight of a beard trimmer.

LED Light

Lastly, the MicroTouch Solo contains a small LED light that is built into the neck.  Similar to the Manscaped Trimmer (The Lawn Mower) that we recently reviewed, this is intended to provide you with a better view when trimming your hair:

led light on microtouch solo

Using the MicroTouch Solo

Before you see how the MicroTouch Solo performs, here are a couple of important notes:

  • Facial Hair Length: My beard is at about 2 weeks worth of growth.
  • Dry Beard: There was no prep or shower beforehand.

Pre-Shave Look

Here’s how my facial hair looked prior to using the MicroTouch Solo:

man with short beard looking straight ahead

Using Attachment Combs

So given that my facial hair isn’t terribly long, I wanted to see if the MicroTouch Solo combs were still short enough to clip at least some hair.

As expected, when using the 5mm and 3mm comb, I found that it was much too long for my facial hair length:

man shaving right side cheek

However, the above picture should at least provide you with an idea of how bulky the head becomes with the comb attached.  To further that point, here’s how it looks when going over the mustache area:

man shaving mustache with microtouch solo comb attached

Pretty hard to work the details, even if the head can pivot.

After going down to the 1mm comb and using it on just the right side of my face (left side in the picture blow), it cut it to just a fraction below my current beard length:

diagram showing one side of face shaved with microtouch solo and other side not shaved

It’s very subtle – but you can notice that the cheek area in the orange box looks just a little shorter in the image above. 

The takeaway: 

This is the length you should expect to get with the 1mm comb attached.  So if you prefer to have a constant stubble look, this really isn’t the trimmer for you.

Using No Comb

When using the straight trimmer blade, the MicroTouch Solo was able to cut through my moderately dense beard growth without any issues:

shaving cheek with no comb attached

The small size (without the comb attached) made working the mustache area pretty easy:

man shaving mustache with microtouch solo

Additionally, when trimming the neck area, the pivot head made it a bit easier to work the natural contours of the face:

shaving with microtouch solo
man shaving neck with microtouch solo

So here’s a quick comparison of where we started versus where we are now:

man with half shaved and half unshaved face

Within only a matter of minutes, half of the beard was fully removed.

Now there is one important note I want to quickly make here: When trimming this side of my face, I noticed I had a pili multigemini whisker (those really thick and fused beard hairs):

diagram pointing out that microtouch solo cannot cut through thick hair

Even after passing the MicroTouch Solo over this hair repeatedly, it was unable to cut through this whisker (I counted up to 10 passes before giving up).

Therefore, if you are highly susceptible to pili multigemini, you will still need to manually tweeze or pluck them out.

Once this was resolved, I went ahead and finished up the rest of the remaining facial hair:

man shaving beard with microtouch solo

Final Results

Here’s how both my facial hair and skin looked once I fully completed using the MicroTouch Solo:

man looking straight ahead after using microtouch solo to shave beard
man looking up with neck exposed to demonstrate results of the microtouch solo

As evident in the pictures above, the MicroTouch Solo can cut close to the skin without causing any sort of irritation or redness.  So, if you have sensitive skin and are unhappy with the performance of your cartridge razor, then the MicroTouch Solo should be considered.

As far as texture, there is a little bit of grit or stubble to the skin.  The length is comparable to about one day’s worth of growth.  This is particularly beneficial should you be susceptible to razor bumps as the hair likely won’t become ingrown.

Other Notes

  • LED Light: The LED light was useless.  Simply standing in a well-lit bathroom and close to the mirror, the light didn’t enhance the experience or make the shave any better.
  • Messy: As expected, with an exposed blade and no clipper catcher, the MicroTouch Solo made things a bit messy around the bathroom vanity – so plan accordingly.
  • Duration & Power: After shaving for a good five minutes, the trimmer was adequate here.  Although it couldn’t chop through my one thick beard hair, it still made quick work for the rest of my face.  Good if you are short on time.

Other Information to Consider

Here are a few other quick notes that we didn’t touch on yet but can be useful in your evaluation:

Charging Time

Per the owner’s manual, the MicroTouch Solo takes four hours to charge and has a 45-minute run time.

The MicroTouch Solo can be used while charging.


Expect to pay about $20 for the MicroTouch Solo. 

Replacement Heads & Combs

Replacement razor heads for the MicroTouch Solo cost on average about $7.50 apiece.  They can be purchased directly from the MicroTouch replacement blades website or through large online retailers such as Amazon.

To note, there are many generic or off-brand offerings widely available online as well.  We can’t vouch for their performance.  

Additionally, MicroTouch does recommend that the razor head be replaced once every 3 to 4 months.

As far as replacement combs, there are only off-brands available.  MicroTouch Solo doesn’t sell the combs individually.


The unit that was purchased did not contain a warranty card.  Even after checking on the MicroTouch Solo website, no warranty information could be found.  Should you want some protection with your purchase, consider buying this razor through a large retailer that has a gracious return policy in the event that your trimmer is defective.

Country of Origin

The MicroTouch Solo is made in China.  On the box, the dual-sided blades contain German stainless steel.

Where to Purchase

You can either purchase the MicroTouch Solo directly from the company or through online marketplaces such as Amazon:

Dry Shave Only

Unlike other beard or body trimmers that can be used in the shower or in tandem with shaving cream, the MicroTouch Solo must be used in a dry environment.  

You cannot rinse the razor head off with water once you are finished trimming.  Instead, you should use the included brush to sweep away any clipped debris.

What Can the MicroTouch Solo Shave?

The MicroTouch Solo is recommended to only be used on both face and body hair.  This includes the chest, arms, legs, and back.

Given that the attachment combs have a pointed end, you should not use this trimmer on delicate areas (pubic area) as it may hurt when pushed against loose skin.  Additionally, there are no special mechanisms to prevent skin from getting accidentally nipped either.

Lastly, MicroTouch also states that this should not be used on scalp hair – important to note should you be bald.

Overall Rating

While we hope that all the information contained in this guide provided you with a detailed look at the MicroTouch Solo. Here’s an overview of our evaluation:

FeaturesNotesRating (Out of 10)
Skin AilmentsIf you have sensitive skin or are susceptible to razor bumps, then the MicroTouch Solo is a terrific alternative to shaving.10
PerformanceThe MicroTouch Solo does a fairly good job at cutting facial hair.  Expect to get consistent results here. The motor could use a bit more power in order to cut through random thick beard hair.  The LED light is unnecessary.8
ValueAt $20, this little trimmer does provide a decent value if you have moderate expectations.10
VersatilityNot being able to trim pubic or scalp hair may be a deal-breaker for some men. Also, the lack of water-resistance is disappointing.6
BatteryWhile a long charging time, the USB charging cable is a nice, versatile offering. A 45-minute run time should be more than enough to get you through any grooming routine.9
TravelIt’s lightweight, includes a blade guard, and the USB charger makes it travel-friendly – even internationally.10
OverallIf you have the right expectations, the MicroTouch Solo is a nice little personal trimmer.  It can clean you up quickly without causing any irritation.8.8

Parting Thoughts

We hope that this review was helpful in learning a bit more about the MicroTouch Solo and if it’s the appropriate tool to work into your grooming routine.

Be sure to come back to Tools of Men for in-depth reviews and articles on all things grooming and style.

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    • Hey Givan!

      If you’re considering using the MicroTouch Solo to shave your head, it might not be the best option. Instead, you may want to look into other trimmers or hair clippers specifically designed for shaving the head.

      Balding clippers are typically designed with a more powerful motor, larger blade, and the ability to cut through thicker hair with ease. These attributes make them much more suitable for shaving your head without causing any irritation or pulling of hair. Plus, dedicated hair clippers often have adjustable guards that allow for a range of cutting lengths, giving you more control over the final look.

      Using the MicroTouch Solo on your head might not give you the smooth and even result you desire, and it could also lead to potential damage to the trimmer itself since it’s not designed for that purpose. So, while it may be tempting to try, I would recommend investing in a trimmer that is specifically designed for head shaving in order to achieve the best results and avoid any issues with the device itself. You’ll be happier in the long run with a tool that was made for the job you need it for.

      Hope this helps, Givan!


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