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Merkur 37C Review

The Merkur 37C is a unique safety razor that cuts hair in an entirely different manner.  Designed to help men with sensitive skin, this slant bar safety razor is a favorite for many.

In this review, we will take a look at the design and performance of the Merkur 37C.

Editor’s Note: We paid for the Merkur 37C out-of-pocket. This is not a paid review.  This post contains affiliate links.  Tools of Men is independently owned and operated.  Merkur is not aware of this post before publication.

Merkur 37C Packaging & Design

Here’s a detailed look at the packaging and design of the Merkur 37C:


Like all Merkur razors, the 37C features simple packaging.  The packaging includes just the razor and one razor blade:

packaging box included razor blade and merkur 37c next to each other on black mat

Noticeably absent is any sort of user guide, warranty information, or additional blades.


merkur 37c sitting on a black mat

Here are some of the nuances about the Merkur 37C and what makes it different from other safety razors:

Slant Bar

The most distinct feature of the Merkur 37C is the slant bar.  Rather than being set straight across like a traditional safety razor, the cutting blade on the Merkur 37C is set at an angle:

hand holding the merkur 37c

The slant bar allows the razor blade to cut through the hair at an angle (like a scythe) rather than perpendicular.  This design allows for less tugging or pulling on the hair follicle root as it cuts through facial hair.

The Merkur 37C has a scalloped safety bar.  This design slightly increases the exposure of the razor blade and helps to feed in longer facial hair.

Knurled Handle

merkur 37c on a black mat with focus on knurled handle

Like many Merkur razors, the Merkur 37C features a diamond-etched knurled handle.  This type of manufacturing process allows for a better grip and control when using the razor.

Razor Cap

alternate angle of cap to show slant design

With the slant bar, Merkur changed the razor cap to one with a flat top.  While this may have been done purely for manufacturing purposes, there was no discernable impact on shave performance.

The razor cap does feature a universal blade fitting allowing you to test across many different razor blade brands.  Additionally, the center post on the razor cap is longer than most and screws tightly into the handle:

razor cap on 37c loaded with single blade


Here’s how the Merkur 37C compares to other popular razor systems:

merkur 37c next to several other razors to demonstrate length

The Merkur 37C is 3.3″ in length.

While identical in length to the Merkur 34C, the Merkur 37C is significantly shorter than many other razors.

Therefore, men with larger hands may want to consider the Merkur 39C (not pictured). The Merkur 39C is a blend between the 37C and 38C.  The 39C features a slant bar head (like the 37C) and a heavy-weighted swirling handle (like the 38C).


The Merkur 37C weighs 2.7oz (77g).  This is enough weight to cut through most facial hair without any additional pressure required.


Merkur razors are made from a die-casted zinc alloy head coupled with a brass-weighted handle.  Both of these metals have been chrome-plated to provide them with a shiny finish.

The metal quality on most Merkur razors, including the 37C, could be of a higher grade as it would allow for a better long-term investment.  A better alternative would be stainless steel.

One notable difference with the Merkur 37C is that it features a hollow body:

view to demonstrate hollow body of merkur 37c

Therefore, you may want to consider shaking out the razor when you finish shaving to prevent moisture or rust.  We are unable to confirm whether the hollow inside is chrome-plated.

Number of Pieces

The Merkur 37C is a two-piece safety razor:

merkur 37c disassembled on black mat

The blade mount is fixed to the handle.

Country of Origin

The Merkur 37C is made in Germany.

Merkur 37C Performance

Before you can see how the Merkur 37C performs, here are a few important points you should know:

  • Beard Length: Two days growth
  • Pre-Shave Prep: Warm shower
  • Pre-Shave Treatment: Proraso Pre-Shave Cream
  • Shaving Cream: Body Shop Shaving Cream
  • Razor Blade: Merkur Super (included with the Merkur 37C)
  • Skin Sensitivity: Mildly sensitive
  • Facial Hair Type: Dense, mildly curly


Here are some pictures of the 37C doing its work shaving:

man shaving cheeks with merkur 37c
man shaving his neck with the merkur 37c


man looking straight to show face after using merkur 37c
man looking up to show neck after using merkur 37c


The Merkur 37C made for a pleasant shaving experience.  As evident in the post-shave pictures above, no redness occurred.  Additionally, there was no tightness or discomfort to the skin after the shave was finished.

While some of the performance can be attributed to the razor blade’s quality, the slant bar’s mechanical cutting motion was likely the largest contributing factor to overall comfort.

What we Liked

  • The results speak for themselves.  The Merkur 37C slant bar provided comfortable results.  
  • The small size and knurled grip made it easy to control.
  • There was plenty of weight in the razor, so no additional pressure was necessary.
  • The universal blade lowers the long-term cost of ownership.  

What we Didn’t Like

  • It would have been nice to see more blades included–especially if this is your first safety razor.
  • The hollow body may collect water or corrode with time.
  • The metal composition is average at best.  Many wet shaving enthusiasts find Merkur razors to be made from cheaper “pot metal” materials.  A stainless steel body would have been welcomed.

Comparing the Merkur 37C to Other Safety Razors

RazorWeight (g)Weight (oz)Length (in)Experience Level
Merkur 37C772.723.3Intermediate
Bevel Safety Razor873.074.25Beginner
Edwin Jagger DE89772.723.75Beginner
Merkur 34C772.723.3Beginner
Merkur 38C1113.924.0Beginner/Intermediate
Merkur 39C1204.234.13Intermediate
Merkur Futur1264.444.25Expert

Final Thoughts

The Merkur 37C is a wholly unique safety razor, and few can compare.  Should you have sensitive skin and are experienced with using a safety razor – then the 37C should be moved to the top of your consideration list.