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Merkur 25C Review

Here’s one for the bearded dudes who need a razor that can hold its weight against the most stubborn of stubble. The Merkur 25C is built for a clean, close shave with its open-comb design and an extra-long handle.

This high-end razor allows you to get a taste of luxury without hurting your pockets.

Let’s review the highlights of this razor so you can decide if the Merkur 25C fits your grooming lifestyle.

Product Specifications

FeaturesMerkur 25C
CompositionBrass, Zinc Alloy
Country of OriginGermany
Number of Pieces3
Shave PerformanceExtremely Aggressive
Blade CompatibilityAll double-edge safety razor blades
Weight (oz)2.01
Weight (g)57
Length (in)4.25
Length (cm)10.8
Merkur Razor Double Edge Safety Razor, MK-25C
  • Chrome Plated safety razor for use with double edge blades
  • proven quality
  • Stylist approved


The Merkur 25C is quite light for a safety razor, weighing only 2.01 ounces. The lightweight maneuverability of this razor works well for users looking for a quick touch-up. Heavy razors work best for those precise shaves that require more stability, while lighter razors can eliminate two-day-old stubble like a dream.

The Merkur 25C is comparable in weight to other razors such as the beloved Merkur 33C. Though the 33C sports a much shorter handle, the shaving quality is pretty much the same. Both razors work best on fine hair, as light razors don’t have the capacity to shave thick, coarse hair as heavier razors do. The 25C will work best for men who are switching over from cartridge razors and prefer a similar feel.

The chart below shows the Merkur 25C is lighter than about 80% of its competitors, so it may just be a little too light for the average shaver.

Merkur 25C weight vs other safety razors


The Merkur 25C is ideal for men with large hands, standing at 4.25 inches long. It is definitely larger than most safety razors, and for those who are used to a razor with a shorter handle, such as the popular Parker 26C, there may be a learning curve at first. The average safety razor is about a half-inch shorter, so it may feel awkward in your hands if you’ve become accustomed to a slightly shorter handle.

Below you’ll find the difference and similarities in length between the Merkur 25C and other competing safety razors.

Merkur 25C length vs other safety razors


The Merkur 25C consists of a brass handle, brass and zinc alloy head, and is covered in chrome plating. The diagonal knurling is ideal for wet shavers, as it provides a firm grip that resists slipping and subsequent nicks. The design is much like other Merkur razors and isn’t particularly flashy. This razor is purely functional, and it makes a great grooming asset no matter what your aesthetic preferences are.

Country of Origin

The Merkur brand stems from Solingen, Germany, and has been in business for 125 years.

Number of Pieces

pieces of the 25c

The Merkur 25C is equipped with a three-piece design consisting of the baseplate, the cap, and the handle. Though most open comb razors can be treacherous and require a slow, safe hand, this razor is backed by a notched safety bar on the baseplate. This feature prevents harsh scraping against the skin, reducing the risk of cuts and ingrown hairs.

Cleaning this razor is a simple task. The three-piece design makes it easy to disassemble this tool.

Briefly soak each part of the razor is a mixture of dish soap and water, and voila – you’ll have a squeaky clean razor just in time for your next full shave.

Shave Performance

shaving supplies with a safety razor and shaving brush

Many users love this razor for its open comb design, removing all facial hair swiftly and providing one of the closest shaves possible. Though this razor is immaculate for experienced shavers, beginners will likely have trouble navigating this one.

Open comb razors expose the blade more than a closed comb, which provides for a quicker shaving experience. But, without the added protection of a closed comb, the exposed blade can pose more of a threat against your skin. So, new shavers should steer clear of these ones at first.

Blade Compatibility

generic safety razor blade

The Merkur 25C is compatible with all double-edge safety razor blades. Some recommended brands include Feather, Astra, and Derby, but you can jazz things up and experiment with any brand you choose.

A few users have commented that the Merkur blades aren’t as sharp as they’d like, but for the most part, the Merkur blades will suit the average beard just fine.

Peer Reviews

Merkur has an army of fans that are willing to die behind their razors, and it’s no secret how this brand has amassed legions of followers. Overall, people love the Merkur 25C. The quality is undeniably pristine — it is impeccably made for the price, and its structure and design are classic enough for even the pickiest of shavers. The open comb gives the blade a chance to work its magic quickly and precisely. It is truly a beauty.

However, some people feel that the Merkur 25C doesn’t exactly provide that super close shave they love. Some have disputed that it’s not the razor but rather Merkur blades themselves. Experimenting with blades in other brands may help you draw your own conclusion concerning the true performance of this razor.

The weight of the razor is also a common complaint amongst Merkur consumers. One of the selling points of a safety razor is the weight behind it. It has a sturdy and reliable reputation, and it is supposed to feel that way during your entire grooming session. The lightweight feel of this razor may not provide enough stability for some.

For the most part, it seems the Merkur 25C lives up to its name and the hype, even with the few complaints it has garnered here and there. We’d recommend this razor for those who’d like to upgrade from cartridge razors but aren’t too sure how to handle heavy safety razors.


The Merkur 25C is a great mid-priced safety razor at $38. It can definitely be a little pricey for some, but it’s a worthwhile razor for those who are looking to cut ties with the cartridge razor life.

The brass composition lowers the price point of this razor, so it is a fitting grooming tool if you’d like a razor with a little more class but want to avoid the price of stainless steel razors.

Merkur 25C price vs other safety razors


The Merkur 25C comes in a silver, chrome-plated design. Its sleek, professional color works with the personality of any user and is a versatile gift option for the wet shaver looking to upgrade this holiday season.


  • Chrome plated with a corrosion-resistant brass composition
  • Comfortable knurled grip
  • Precision head for a close shave


  • Blade quality is subpar compared to other Merkur razors
  • The handle of this razor can be too long for some
  • Brass composition lacks longevity compared to competing stainless steel razors