Waterpik EcoFlow Fixed Mount Shower Head Review

Waterpik has always been a trusted manufacturer of shower heads, faucets, and other bathroom plumbing.

Their products have constantly improved throughout the years, adopting new technologies as they progress, leading to more efficient water distribution methods.

The Waterpik EcoFlow is one such shower head that has taken modern technological advancements and turned it into a beautiful piece that works for you.

Featuring a plastic body that is plated with a chrome color, rubber nozzles, and an interesting body design, this shower head is certainly a prime contender when looking for that new instalment for your bathroom.

Another thing to consider with this shower head is the pause feature, which is a button that you press to momentarily stop the water so you can lather up.

The pause button lets some water trickle down, so it isn’t stopped completely, but it is enough to let you get yourself washed before you turn it back on.

This feature is enabled to help you save water, as too many people choose to wash themselves with the water on full blast. Less waste means more money at the end of the month, instead of the other way around.

Pros: Pause button goes a long way in ensuring that you don’t use excess water when soaping up.
Cons: Not many cons can be found on this incredible offering by Waterpik.
Bottom Line: Enough features to make this a valuable all-around shower head, and the pause button is very handy for added efficiency.
Waterpik Ecoflow Fixed Mount Showerhead
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