Speakman Reaction Fixed Shower Head Review

Before you even know how the shower head works, you always notice how it looks first before buying. If you don’t like how a shower head looks, you’ll be less satisfied with how it operates, even if it works perfectly.

The Speakman Reaction is a beautiful blend of form and function, with it’s clear plastic face and turbine powered spray.

This shower head is designed to use your low pressure water and turn it into something that is usable. No more struggling with getting soap off of your body, this shower head boasts that it can let you experience water the way it was meant to be.

As far as function goes, this shower head only has one setting, which is spray. There is no massage or pulse or combination.

Of course, more isn’t always better, and this shower head does just fine with spray.

However, there is something to be said when the spraying portion of this shower head is much smaller than the face as a whole.

For a single function shower that doesn’t need any additional space dedicated to turning a dial, this seems like a waste of space. Overall, it’s a good shower head that should not be overlooked.

Pros: It looks amazing, and comes in blue, teal, or gray to suit your bathroom.
Cons: While it does optimize water pressure, there is no guarantee it will help reduce water usage.
Bottom Line: Even if it doesn’t necessarily save on water, it does look great and will spruce up any bathroom nicely.

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