Peerless Water Saving Chrome Shower Head Review

Water efficient shower heads don’t have to compromise on effectiveness. A decent water saving shower should be able to deliver a deep clean in the same amount of time as a regular shower.

The Peerless chrome shower head is just that; an effective shower head that gives you both performance and efficiency all in one package.

The body of this product is made from chrome, and has 5 different sprays that range from mist to massage.

Unlike other water efficient shower heads, this one operates at 2.0 gallons per minute, which means it’s flow rate is significantly higher than it’s competitors.

It is less likely to feel like a trickle, and more like an actual shower. This is especially handy for people with thick hair who cannot use the soft, gentle shower heads to rinse.

The Peerless shower head is easily cleaned; simply wipe away any mineral deposits to have it looking and functioning like new.

Pros: Looks good and works great, easily cleaned and effective for showering with.
Cons: The spray setting may be a little weak; other settings may be better suited to thick haired individuals.
Bottom Line: Peerless is a trusted brand with products that work as intended and last for years.

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