Niagara Earth Massage 1.25 GPM shower head Review

People should strive to be more energy efficient by minimizing wasted resources as much as possible.

From turning off lights to taking public transit, these are all options that help reduce your environmental footprint. However, there are other small ways that not only help the Earth, but also help your wallet.

The Niagara Earth Massage shower head may not look like much, but this 1.25 GPM shower head goes a long way in reducing the water you waste showering every single time you shower.

It uses a flow regulator to limit the water coming out of your shower head, and the 9-jet adjustable turbo setting allows you to choose how you shower.

With all of its water saving capabilities, there are bound to be negatives. For starters, the flow rate is very, very low.

1.25 gallons-per-minute is lower than other options on the market, with negligible differences.

The spray is weak, so individuals with thick or long hair will find that this shower head just does not meet their needs unless they take a three hour long shower. The shower head is made out of sturdy plastic, not chrome as the color would have you believe, but whether or not this is a negative is up to you to decide. It certainly won’t rust, but if you handle it too roughly you may break it.

Pros: Water-friendly shower head ensures that your money stays in your wallet instead of down the drain.
Cons: Very weak water pressure that is less than ideal for thick-haired individuals.
Bottom Line: Does what it advertises, though it is better suited to people who don’t mind sacrificing water pressure to save a few dollars every month.

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