Kohler Awaken Single Function 1.5 GPM Shower Head Review

Listening to a gentle summer rain is one of the most relaxing things about the season. While a rainfall is not the most effective way to clean yourself, it is definitely the most cost effective.

To bring the economic savings into your home, try the Kohler Awaken shower head. This shower head features a single function: to get you clean using the most efficient water-saving technology.

It only has a spray feature that outputs large water drops at a reasonable water pressure, and the wide angle of the head ensures that more of your body is covered at once for a speedy clean.

This shower head is made of metal and chrome, which looks great in any bathroom. Even though the flow rate is only 1.5 GPM, you may find that this is more than enough to get yourself squeaky clean at less cost to you.

Traditional shower heads have a tendency to output more water than you need, resulting in more waste and a higher water bill. This can save you hundreds over the course of the year, so you can put that money into other things.

It’s not fancy, but it does work.

Pros: Great, full width shower head that covers the whole area for a more thorough clean.
Cons: Only one setting, so there’s no room to customize if the spray setting isn’t tough enough for your liking.
Bottom Line: If you are looking for a plain and simple shower head that does its job, this is a great first choice.

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