High Sierra 1.5 GPM Water Saving Shower Head Review

Saving water also saves the planet, but did you know that cutting down on water waste also saves you in the long term?

Switching to a low-flow, water-efficient shower head is one of the simplest changes you can make in your daily life that not only helps the environment, but boosts your wallet over time.

The High Sierra shower head is your solution to savings, with a 1.5 gallons-per-minute water pressure that cleans you as effectively as your current shower head.

This particular model boasts a strong spray, despite using less water to do so. This is due to the shape of the nozzle, and how the water is distributed out of the shower head.

The High Sierra head is made of solid metal and comes in four colors; chrome, black, nickel and bronze. You can use any head to match your pre-existing sink and faucet set up. This shower head also boasts a long lifespan due to the anti-clog technology on the face of the shower.

Limescale and calcium build up should not impede this shower head. The only downside is the head is very small, only about an inch in diameter. You’d be hard pressed to get the spray to adequately cover your shoulders, but thankfully, it is adjustable.

Pros: Adjustable, clog-free shower head that doesn’t trickle like other water conscious shower heads.
Cons: Very small, like a hotel shower head, so covering the entirety of your body effectively is a bit of a chore.
Bottom Line: As far as water saving heads go, this is pretty good for the price you pay.

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