Evolve Roadrunner Water Saving Shower Head Review

The Evolve Roadrunner shower head is not like other water saving shower heads. Yes, it has a 1.5 GPM, and yes, it does have a full, round face to give you as much water as possible without being a torrential rainstorm.

What makes this shower head different from the others is that it utilizes a completely unique mechanic to save water and energy by using your low water pressure and maximizing it efficiently.

ShowerStart technology is what powers this shower head, ensuring that you use your time in the shower effectively.

Perhaps the most interesting, and possibly the most confusing, thing about this shower head is the little cord on the side.

It is not for pausing water; instead, as you run your shower, it will determine how hot the water is getting. Once the water is hot enough, it slows the flow to a trickle.

Once this happens, you can lather up and pull the cord to resume your water flow like normal. This allows you to save water in the most cost effective way possible, as there is no way to forget to turn off the water while you shower.

Pros: The pull cord to resume the water flow is a fantastic innovation to make showers simpler.
Cons: If you don’t want the water to shut off mid shower, it can be a mild inconvenience to pull the trigger every time.
Bottom Line: You have a neat feature that helps save water, and the shower head is full of little nozzles. It’s a good product that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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