Economy Super Spray Shower Head Review

This shower head from the New Resources Group may not look like much, and in fact, it isn’t.

It’s a simple plastic shower head fitted with water saving technology that allows you to save water while you shower. This product is made of rubber and plastic, which looks very cheap and rather tacky.

However, what it lacks in looks it makes up for in performance. This shower head uses your water pressure and pushes it through rubber nozzles at a rate that leads you to believe you never had a water pressure problem.

It operates at a 1.5 GPM flow rate and is watersense certified, so it will save you on water costs throughout the year.

Because it is made of rubber and plastic, it is virtually maintenance free. Rust is something that you don’t have to worry about, and limescale buildup is easily cleaned off to keep this shower head running like new.

These features alone make this product perfect for areas that have hard water, as the rubber will not hold on to minerals as a chrome shower head would.

Overall, even though this shower head is not the prettiest to look at, it does do work.

Pros: Great shower head for hard water areas, and is light in terms of maintenance.
Cons: It’s pretty ugly, and doesn’t come in any flattering colors.
Bottom Line: If it works, it works. Unless you’re someone who prefers all of their faucets to match, this isn’t really a bad product at all.

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