American Standard 1660.717.002 Flowise 3 Setting Shower Head Review

Conserving water while you shower is a great way to save money, and it’s really simple to do.

Switching to a water-conscious shower head ensures that you don’t have to take speedy showers in order to save on your next water bill.

This American Standard shower head is designed to keep money from going down the drain due to excessive water usage.

The Flowise head features a wide face to better distribute water around you. It also has three settings that either work together or independently to get you a deep clean even with a reduced water pressure.

The three shower settings are all designed to save water, but the most water conscious setting has a 1.5 gpm flow rate. What’s more, if you decide to switch from this setting to get a stronger water flow or a deeper clean, when you turn off your shower, this head reverts back to the 1.5 gpm setting. In terms of an intuitive user experience, this one is possibly the most frustrating if you like any other setting on this head.

This Flowise shower head is 6.6 inches across, but the actual showering part is about 4 inches across.

Pros: Has a water saving feature that is more economical over the course of the whole year.
Cons: While the shower head is very large, the sprayer isn’t, which leaves you with a bulkier shower head with not a lot of spraying area.
Bottom Line: While this is a very good shower head for saving money, unless you plan to leave it on the default setting for every shower, it could get very annoying very quickly.

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