American Standard 1660.710.002 Flowise Water Saving Shower head Review

You’ve probably seen “American Standard” emblazoned on your toilet or faucets at some point in your life.

They have been manufacturers of plumbing products for 140 years, long enough to be a standard in many homes today. Specializing in simple, easy to use products that enhance daily living, it is hard to beat a good, old fashioned product from this company. This American Standard Flowise shower head is not as flashy as some of the others on the market; some may say that it looks like the cheap hotel shower heads you find while travelling.

Fortunately, this shower head is probably much better than any hotel shower head you may find.

The turbine spray is simultaneously powerful and efficient, saving time, water, and money all at the same time, during the same shower.

There are no fancy settings, no additional buttons, and no nozzles that need to be cleaned every few months. The spray flows at 1.5 gpm, and although it doesn’t seem like much, it actually puts out a great deal of water.

For people who struggle to find a water-saving shower head that gets the shampoo out of their hair, this shower head is a decent choice.

Pros: Easy to install and maneuver, and very low maintenance.
Cons: It only has one spray setting that may or may not work for all users of this product.
Bottom Line: American Standard is known for making high quality products, and buyers of this shower head seem to agree that this is a great, simple product.

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