AM Conservation Group Luxury Spa Shower Head Review

Saving water is as simple as switching your shower head.

There are numerous heads on the market that are effective in lowering your water bill, while still giving you a decent shower.

The AM Conservation Luxury Spa shower head is exactly what it sounds like; it is a shower head dedicated to conserving water through a 1.5 gpm flow rate and a relatively effective spray area. This shower head is completely metal, instead of a hard plastic that has been plated, so it’s extremely sturdy.

This shower head only features one spray setting, which severely limits customization but it does ensure that you are getting a constant spray no matter what your water pressure is.

That said, it pushes out a low water pressure regardless, so unless your water pressure is already low, this shower head would be a downgrade. While it does work for conserving water, you may need to take a longer shower in order to rinse the soap and shampoo off of yourself.

Pros: Water conservation is great, and the all metal body looks sleek in any shower.
Cons: The water pressure output is pitiful at best, and leaves a lot to be desired when taking a shower.
Bottom Line: Without any settings, the appeal for this shower may seem a little low, but it does do well for conserving water in the long run.
AM Conservation Group N2150 Luxury Spa All Metal High Efficiency Showerhead
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