La Mer The Lip Balm for Unisex Review

The lips are one of the most vulnerable parts of your face, having thinner skin than other parts of your body. Your lips require special care if they are to look their best all throughout the day. That’s why La Mer has specially crafted a lip balm to protect and revitalize chapped, dry lips, bringing them back to their former state. Contains petrolatum, octyldodecanol, and microcrystalline wax for that fresh, exfoliating feeling.

While this product definitely moisturizes and soothes lips, it is exceptionally pricey. On Amazon, it’s near $50, which is definitely cheaper than buying straight from La Mer, but is still very expensive for a little tin of product. However, there are customers that love this product and don’t mind the extremely high price tag. For a product that works, it’s good to pay that kind of money.

Applying twice daily will give your lips the protection you need, and the product in the tin will last you for a good while before you need to replace the lip balm again. This helps justify the price if you like it, but there is the chance that you may not, or that it may cause irritation.

The product doesn’t use exclusively organic ingredients, which does leave a chance for irritation to occur around the lip area, especially if you happen to be allergic to one of the products. Overall, though, there should not be too many issues arising from this product.

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