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Huron Review

Upstart Huron is aiming to disrupt the men’s grooming industry by creating quality skincare products that compete head-on with the super-premium brands.

Founded in 2018 by Matt Mullenax (prev. Bonobos) and Matt Teri (prev. The Estee Lauder Companies, Tom Ford, and Lab Series), they bring with them a pairing of both a customer-centric mindset along with deep experience in the men’s grooming industry (source).

Needless to say, when we were reading about Huron and all that they offered, we were excited to try their new lineup of men’s skincare products to see how it stacks up against some of the premium brands available on the market today – most notably, the likes of Kiehl’s, Jack Black, etc.

In this review, we’re going to take a detailed look at their Starter Kit which includes their face wash, body wash, and face lotion.  Our goal is to provide you with both the full unboxing experience along with our feedback on how the products performed after using them for some time.

Let’s dive in:

Why You Should Trust Us

In a world of sponsored posts and backdoor deals, you deserve the right to know what is going behind the scenes when a product is being reviewed.  For this review, we wanted to share the following:

  • This is not a paid post.  We do not accept paid or sponsored posts.
  • Huron did not ask us to write this review.
  • We paid for the products featured in this review ourselves.
  • We have an affiliate relationship with Huron.  This means we may be paid if you decide to make a purchase on the Huron website.  Additionally, if you return the product due to poor performance, we don’t get paid (a pretty fair deal to ensure we are clear in our review).
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Unboxing the Huron Starter Kit

For a company that only got its start a few short years ago, Huron has done a great job at having both a clean and polished presentation style.

However, as we learned in our review of Harry’s, looks aren’t everything and it’s the quality of the product itself that is the most important factor.

So to get started; here’s what the box looks like if you order directly off their website:

huron shipping package

Nothing too earth-shattering here.

However, once you lift up the fold closure, you have a clean presentation of the three products that are contained in the starter kit:

view of huron products inside shipping

Which includes the following:

  • Face Wash (1.7 oz)
  • Body Wash (2 oz)
  • Face Lotion (1.7 oz)

When looking at this package from a bit more critical perspective, notably absent are any sort of inserts, coupons, etc

Therefore, some deal-seeking men who are looking to upgrade to their bigger product sizes once they use up all the product contained within the starter kit may be left a bit disappointed (although there are some deals as you will see in just a minute).

Of course, the point could also be argued that the lack of inserts and other ‘stuff’ cuts down on waste. So, interpret this however you want.

Now when popping each of the boxes out, you have some nice and consistent looking products.

First, the face wash:

huron face wash packaging

Next up, the body wash:

huron body wash packaging

And lastly, the face lotion:

huron face lotion packaging

Again, the clean presentation here is nice and Huron does a great job at giving you a quick hint on how much of each product you should be using (i.e. for the face lotion Huron states “dime size & moisturize”).

Secondly, when you flip each product around, you will see the standard list of ingredients along with the fact that each of the products are free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, silicones, and aluminum.

Furthermore, these products are animal and cruelty-free.

Using Huron Products

As stated earlier, product design can only carry a company so far.  If the product provides a poor experience and lackluster results, then there is no sweeping the truth under the rug.

After using each of these Huron products in their entirety, I am happy to report that they performed well…in fact, exceedingly well.

Here are the notes of my feedback when using each product:

Huron Face Wash Review

When using the Huron face wash in my daily showers, I really loved the consistency.  I also noticed a nice fine grit in the soap that gave me the tactile feedback I was looking for when scrubbing.

While not as aggressive as a traditional exfoliator, the fine grit in the face wash should work well in getting rid of any dead skin cells and oils on your skin.

As far as the scent, while mild, it was an invigorating peppermint-like scent.  

Rather than trying to take pictures of my face (and having a really hard time trying to frame the camera just right), I wanted to share with you how the face wash performs on my forearm.  

Here’s what you can expect with this face wash:

man squirting huron face wash into palm

As seen above, the consistency here is a pretty dense and opaque face wash.

Per Huron’s recommendation, I went ahead and applied about a nickel-sized amount and began to work it into my forearm:

lathering huron face wash on forearm

As you can see, it goes on pretty thick.

However, after adding a little bit of water, it spread out pretty nicely.

The takeaway: a little will go a long way.  So expect to get plenty of uses out of a single tube of face wash.

While I didn’t take any pictures, rinsing off this face wash is pretty easy when run underwater for a few seconds.

Once rinsed, expect your skin to feel pretty clean and light.

Final Thoughts: The Huron face wash deserves an A.  It goes on nicely, smells great, and provides a nice, mild exfoliation.  It’s a great daily face wash that you should consider adding to your grooming regimen.

Huron Body Wash Review

When it came to the body wash, there were a few ups and downs here.

First, I personally loved the thick consistency of the body wash:

man pouring huron body wash in palm

Unlike the face wash, it contained no exfoliating texture and was a completely clear solution.

Like the face wash, when adding a bit of water, the “sudsing” effect of the wash provided some nice lathering results:

lathering huron body wash on forearm

As a body wash, it performs wellYou won’t feel grippy or slimy when using this daily.  Instead, the several quality ingredients contained within this body wash (i.e. Vitamin E, Coconut Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, etc.) do a great job at nourishing your skin and making it feel much softer to the touch.

Now, the biggest gripe I had about this body wash was the scent, which admittedly, is highly subjective.

Personally, I find scents like eucalyptus nice; however, this body wash just smelled too clean or soapy to me

However, like most soaps and washes, it quickly dissipates after exiting the shower and drying off.  By no means is the scent a deal breaker – but I can see where it could be a bit too much for some men.

Final Thoughts: The body wash achieves its primary objective in getting you clean.  The thick and exfoliant free solution lathers nicely.  However, the potent clean scent may be too much for some.

Huron Face Lotion Review

Last up, the Huron Face Lotion.

For starters, the face lotion offers up a slightly opaque consistency that is akin to Vaseline:

man squirting huron face cream into palm

However, unlike Vaseline, this product works into your skin so effortlessly and without any streaking, it is really a premium grade product and perhaps the best of the three we reviewed (although the face wash was pretty good).

To demonstrate this, I went ahead and applied a bit to my forearm (about an almond-sized amount – Huron recommends about a dime-sized amount). And then rubbed it up and down to work the product in:

forearm with huron face cream applied

While from the above pic it looks pretty thick, after rubbing it into my skin, you can see that it absorbed in nicely.

As evident in the picture above, notice how thin the lotion actually was (I know this isn’t a body lotion).  All the hairs on my forearm aren’t matted down like some of the thicker creams on the market; rather, it simply worked its way easily into my skin.  

When all is said and done, it was only about 30 seconds worth of actual application to achieve the final results.

Final Thoughts: When applying this to my face and scalp (I’m bald) for a week, I found that my skin felt quite soft to the touch.  Like the face wash, this face lotion is a premium grade product sold at a budget-friendly price.

Huron Promo Codes & Coupons

When it comes to promo and discount codes,the popular coupon sites were rather sparse.  However, after placing your first order, you will get a steady stream coming into your inbox:

screencap of inbox listing huron promos

As you can see, there’s a mix of promos and feedback solicitation, along with updates on new product launches.

Huron Return Policy

When taking a look at the Huron Return policy, it was all pretty standard stuff and no hidden “gotcha’s” that we found.  As disclosed on their FAQ page, they offer up a 30-day return window in order to get a full return on their order:

screencap of huron return policy

Huron offers free shipping on orders greater than $25 and subscription plans.  

Note: Huron only ships within the contiguous US at this time.

The Entire Huron Catalog

screencap of huron website product lineup

When it comes to evaluating the product lineup, Huron’s catalog is pretty limited.

Right now it only contains the following products:

  • Body Wash
  • Eye Stick (eye cream)
  • Face Lotion
  • Face Wash

However, I would suspect that this product lineup will expand into other related areas (i.e. shave cream, aftershaves, etc.) in the near future.  So it may be worth keeping an eye out for if you’ve tried and liked one of their current products.

Final Thoughts on Huron

Overall, I think Huron provides a great lineup of products that are extremely effective at what they are set out to do – get you clean and moisturized.  

If you are tired of paying a premium price for brands like Kiehl’s or Jack Black, then I feel confident in saying that Huron can step in as a suitable replacement.