SoftSheen-Carson Dark and Natural 5 Minute Shampoo-in Hair Col Review

Is your hair looking like a bad remix of “50 Shades of Gray”?

Reign in unruly gray and get your hair back to its sexy former self. This hair color looks natural, and is easy to apply. The result is a soft black finish that keeps your hair’s natural look without all the mess. The formula adds in essential nutrients and moisture back to your hair, and it lasts for quite a while.

It does take a little longer for the color to set in; while the product says 5 minutes, if you want a truly dark color you may have to leave it in for longer.

Otherwise, it’s a fantastic product to color your hair black. Caution should be taken when applying, as this can dye the skin as well as cloth surfaces such as pillows and bed sheets. The color lasts a long time, and generally you won’t need another treatment until your hair grows back to gray.

Pros: Lasts long and is very easy to apply for a natural look.
Cons: Does not work very fast, especially if you want a very dark color.
Bottom Line: Ideal for touch ups, but it can be a hassle for constant re-coloring.