RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye Review

If you need to color your beard, mustache, or other facial hair, this product is for you. It is specifically designed for small coloring jobs, and is very easy to apply and use.

You do need to purchase a specific developer to effectively use this product, and the coloring time is a lot longer than other hair colors.

It also will stain your skin, so using petroleum jelly to outline where you want to color would be wise. Because this product is only 0.5 ounces, it is just enough to use on your beard or mustache area.

It is not for coloring your hair, unless you want to buy five of these little tubes. The color lasts about 6 weeks, or until your hair begins to grow back.

Pros: Long lasting, easy to apply solution that works great on all hair types.
Cons: It is a small tube, and the price may be a little steep for some.
Bottom Line: If you need to color your beard, this is a highly recommended product by professionals.