Manly Guy Black Hair and Beard Color Review

All natural, all vegan, no chemical hair dye that doesn’t leave you irritated. This product is great for people who aren’t into harsh chemicals and metal salts found in conventional hair dyes.

Plus, this product is exceptionally easy to mix, and doesn’t need an extra developer to make the hair work. Just add water, and color! Many reviewers say that this product is fantastic, and works just as well as traditional hair colors, but without the mess.

The biggest thing you may notice is the smell of this product isn’t chemical.

It’s very organic, though there are traces of something in there that gives it a rather odd scent.

The next thing you may see after applying is that it may turn your hair shades of green, which is normal. The color should set in after about an hour. If it’s not dark enough, add more water, mix, and apply again to achieve your desired look.

Pros: Natural, no chemicals, perfect for sensitive skin or for people with vegan beliefs.
Cons: Turns your hair green, and doesn’t act very fast.
Bottom Line: A natural look deserves a natural solution, and this product achieves both very well.