Just For Men AutoStop Men’s Hair Color Review

This product is designed to give you just the right amount of color without going overboard.

The unique applicator allows for precision while coloring, and ensures that you don’t over-color your hair. The color solution stops coloring your hair when your gray is filled in, giving you that natural looking color that blends seamlessly into the rest of your hair. It also has no harsh chemicals, making it a very gentle product.

This Autostop color lasts about 8 weeks, though if your hair is prone to growing back quickly, you could see a shorter turnaround time.

This product is designed for use on head hair, but the applicator makes it incredibly easy to apply to beards as well. Just be sure to rinse the color out thoroughly before going to bed, as this hair color can severely stain textiles such as pillow cases and bed sheets.

Pros: Application is easy and the wear time is nice and long.
Cons: Has a tendency to stain if not completely rinsed out.
Bottom Line: As long as your hair doesn’t grow back too quickly, you can expect a long wear out of just one application.