Jerome Russell Temporary Natural Highlights Review

If you are looking to add something bright and fun into your hair, these highlights will give you just what you need. The light streaking adds a pleasant contrast to your natural hair color, making it look brighter, younger, and more appealing than just flat color.

Simply spray in and wear. This color washes out easily with shampoo, so you can re-apply another day. Perfect for single day wear if you have an event or just want to look different.

It does wash out very easily, including if you get caught in the rain. It’s a non-permanent solution to fixing thin spots, or just adding a streak of color into your hair.

Whatever the occasion, you can be sure that this temporary hair color will spice up your look. The 3.5 ounce can is good for a few wears, but it is rather expensive at nearly $15.00. Great for occasions, but not necessarily for every-day wear.

Pros: Gives your hair a lift with a nice streak of color. Washes out very easily with shampoo.
Cons: Expensive and is only good of single day wear.
Bottom Line: Use for day events, as it isn’t designed for extended wear.