Goldwell Men’s Airspray ReShade Gray Blending Power Shot Review

This 4 pack of color is used to refresh and rejuvenate your hair color to make you look and feel younger.

This five minute treatment gives your hair a new lease on life, and gives you that color you’ve always wanted without looking fake. It covers gray and white hairs effectively, and does not use ammonia which makes it great for people who have had a reaction to the chemical previously.

You do need to purchase the specific developer and an applicator if you want the best possible results, and all three together make a very pricey product.

It lasts for a little over a month, but you do get several uses per box which is nice. Many reviewers say that this product works as intended, but the added hassle of the developer and applicator is a bit off putting. Overall, the product works well, but the small size and frequent re-application leaves a bit to be desired.

Pros: Works fast and results are immediate.
Cons: Have to purchase extra products separately for a considerable cost.
Bottom Line: For a quick color, this does fantastically, and doesn’t contain harsh ammonia.