BOLDIFY Biotin Thickening Shampoo Review

This volumizing shampoo is ideal for refreshing your thinning or balding head. It uses various solutions and chemicals to thicken the hair and reduce the appearance of thinning spots, in turn making you look much younger.

Using this product is simple; just wash your hair with this shampoo and watch as your hair becomes more full with regular use. Ideal for those men struggling with keeping a full head of hair.

This product thickens hair and encourages hair growth, moisturizes your scalp, and leaves you with fewer thin and bald spots.

Safe for use with colored and treated hair as well, as it works at the roots where the hair begins growing. BOLDIFY is not tested on animals and is entirely cruelty free. Reviewers of this product claim to see results in as few as 2 washes, which is a fantastic turnaround time compared to other products on the market that can take a week or more.

Pros: Fast acting formula that does away with harsh chemicals and moisturizes the scalp.
Cons: Some reviewers noticed that the hair becomes a bit brittle over time. The smell also is not great.
Bottom Line: Ideal for fixing thinning spots on your head for a full, lush look.