Bigen EZ Color For Men Review

For gray that just won’t go away, the Bigen EZ Color in jet black offers an intense solution to rid you of your silver hues. This hair color contains no ammonia and very small amounts of peroxide, and a black color that is deep and rich like a coal mine.

It has a creamy consistency, making application a snap. No mess, no fuss, and the solution works in just minutes. You are left with a vividly dark color that is fresh and youthful.

This product is very bold, and depending on what shade you get, it may not look natural like other manufacturers. However, it is very good at getting rid of your gray hair where other products will not. Fast, effective, and lasts for weeks, this hair color is incredible as a hair dye.

Works well on hair as well as beards, mustaches, and eyebrows.

Pros: Strong, dark colors that make you stand out and thoroughly cover your gray hair.
Cons: The color is described as being very bold by reviewers, not always a good thing.
Bottom Line: Works well if you want to cover up all of the gray hair at once, instead of leaving a few hairs behind like other products.