Vertagear P-Line PL6000 Racing Series Gaming Chair Review

Gaming chairs don’t always have to look like they belong at an e-sports competition. Sometimes it’s good to go back to the basics with a simple black computer chair.

The Vertagear is a call to the classics, a suave black office chair that aims to make sitting at your desk as comfortable as possible, while still giving you a wide variety of features to make this chair uniquely yours.

The first thing users will notice with this chair is that it is incredibly easy to assemble; there is no need to call in a helping hand, as the whole chair can be assembled in 15 minutes.

The heavy-duty frame can hold up to 440 pounds, due to the metal throughout the chair. It’s ideal for bigger and taller individuals that have problems sitting on commercial chairs, or are tired of other chairs bending and breaking.

The tilt feature is easy to reach, and allows for someone to adjust the angle of the chair without having to readjust their position, which is a huge bonus in the middle of a game.

Pros: Sleek black design and one-click installation makes this a breeze to put together.
Cons: The padding is stiff and not overly comfortable for a while; some breaking in is required.
Bottom Line: If you need a sturdy chair for your office, this is one of the higher weight limitations on the market.

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