Steelcase Leap Chair Review

For men who aren’t keen on having fancy colored chairs in their offices, there are alternative solutions.

Steelcase is one of the best manufacturers of computer chairs, and they opt for a sleek and elegant look that fits in any environment. Whether you want a computer chair for your home or for the office, you cannot go wrong with the Steelcase Leap chair.

This chair is sturdy, and supports up to 300 lbs without suffering consequences in performance. The chair adjusts to your needs, and unlike other brands that only allow the arms to adjust in and out, the Leap chair’s arms can be pivoted, adjusted forward and backward, up and down to get an optimal arm rest for your arms.

The seat is designed to be wider, offering a more comfortable seat for those who require a little extra room in the rear.

Additionally, the backrest is made with a memory technology that forms to the shape of your spine with use. This allows for better posture and more comfortable seating.

The only downside to this chair would be the price. Steelcase is a high quality manufacturer, and focuses on creating a product that reflects this.

Pros: The back support that molds to your back is phenomenal, and the seat is extraordinarily comfortable besides.
Cons: The price is a huge roadblock to people who are on a budget.
Bottom Line: If you can afford it, this is the chair to get for all of your office needs due to the sheer quality of this chair.
Steelcase Leap Chair, Black Fabric
Steelcase - Kitchen
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