Kinsal Large Size Racing, Gaming Office Chair Review

It’s hard finding an office chair if you’re a bigger guy; many office chairs on the market are too small in the seat, or don’t provide enough support for the back.

Even if you do find a chair that fits all your comfort needs, there aren’t enough nice looking chairs on the market. The Kinsal has redesigned a popular, tried and true chair to fit big and tall guys easier than standard competitors.

This chair boasts a 22 inch width and a 25 inch depth in the seat for comfort and fit, and swivels around 360 degrees for maximum mobility.

The wide base and smooth sliding wheels add stability while on the seat, and the easy to adjust height lever make this a very nice chair to sit on. It comes with a removable lumbar pillow to enhance your sitting posture and reduce back pain.

Unfortunately, it is rated at 280 lbs; while that still is a respectable number, there are other chairs on the market that far surpass this weight limit for those that are a little bulkier.

Pros: It’s a cool looking chair that isn’t necessarily flashy, so it does still go well in an office setting.
Cons: The manufacturing is about what you would expect from this price range; you aren’t getting a high-quality chair, more middle of the road.
Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a cheaper gaming chair with few bells and whistles, this has pretty much everything you’ll need to sit comfortably.

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