Homall Executive Leather Swivel Chair Review

Your home office needs a good, sturdy chair, whether you need it for working or for gaming. A quality chair ensures that you can stay at the computer longer, allowing you to get more work done during the day.

The Homall swivel chair is listed as being “leather”, but is actually made of polyurethane, a material used to emulate leather.

This does not compromise the quality at all, but if you are expecting a leather computer chair, this is not it. The features of this chair include a sturdy base and quiet rolling wheels, as well as pillows for the back and neck that can be adjusted or removed entirely.

This chair holds up to 300 pounds, standard across most chair models of this type.

The color is nice and bold, and creates an interesting contrast throughout the chair. The back is 22 inches wide and 30 inches high, perfect for tall individuals.

The seat is also 20 inches wide, so you should have ample room to move around in even while seated. Overall, it’s a good quality gaming chair for a low price.

Pros: Metal support holds firm, and once the chair is broken in from it’s initial stiffness it’s very comfortable.
Cons: It is very stiff and firm initially, which may not be very comfortable for some users.
Bottom Line: If you are on a budget this chair is a good compromise between cost and overall quality.

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