Herman Miller Classic Aeron Task Chair Review

Sophistication and class are the defining traits of this computer office chair. It is designed with every day use in mind, and reflects the look of traditional office chairs, but features so much more.

This chair is almost completely adjustable, such as with the tilt of the backrest, but it is not as flexible as some of the other chairs on the market.

Of course, for the price, it is still a very good chair. In fact, it is one of the higher quality chairs without contest.

Some of the key features of this chair include an angled front edge of the seat, which takes pressure off of your thighs to allow for greater blood circulation to your legs. This is important when you spend 8+ hours in front of the computer.

Pellicle suspension, which is Aeron’s signature design, is stretched over the chair to allow for greater heat dissipation, keeping you cool.

The chair is low maintenance, high quality, and works very well as a computer chair. It comes in three sizes; (A) is small, with a seat of 15 inches, (B) is medium, and (C) is large at 27 inches in the seat. Very good for bigger gentlemen.

Pros: The seat is nice, stable, and not as flashy as other gaming computer chairs.
Cons: Installation may be difficult, and the price is a bit hefty.
Bottom Line: Herman Miller’s products are long lasting chairs that are covered under warranty for 12 years.

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