Ficmax High Back Ergonomic Gaming Chair Review

Just like clothing, finding a chair that is both comfortable and stylish can be a headache. You want to ensure that the seat fits around your thighs, and the backrest supports your back and neck.

The Ficmax gaming chair is an innovator when it comes to gaming chairs, and has features that enhance your experience at the desk. This 50-53 inch swivel chair possesses a USB lumbar massager that effectively reduces back fatigue from sitting for long periods of time, a plus if you are stuck at the computer for most of the day. It also has a wide standing base to ensure maximum stability.

The Ficmax chair supports multiple angles for sitting; 90 degrees for office work, down to 150 degrees for rest. This gives you greater control over how you decide to work, as some positions are more comfortable than others.

With a 300 pound weight limit, this is a very sturdy chair that is easy to set up and use right away. Plus, the stylish polyurethane stands up against spills, stains, and dust. It is very easy to clean, and easier to maintain.

Pros: A very comfortable chair, and the vibrating lumbar pillow is a nice little addition.
Cons: Depending on how much room you need to sit down, the wings on the seat may interfere with sitting somewhat.
Bottom Line: It’s ideal if you are looking for a relatively inexpensive gaming chair that is comfortable and low maintenance.

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