DXRacer Tank Series DOH/TS29/NB Big and Tall Chair Review

A quality chair doesn’t necessarily come cheap, but the good thing about buying a gaming computer chair from DXRacer is that you pay for what you get.

This particular model has many standard features, such as reclining back, and adjustable height, but it takes these features and improves upon them dramatically.

The footrests are far from being typical footrests, and have a flatter base where you can rest your feet. The back of the chair is much higher, and can accommodate individuals over 6 feet with little compromises in comfort.

The chair is made from polyurethane, a plastic that is designed to look and feel like the interior seat of a race car.

You will feel more productive in this seat thanks to the cushioning pads within the chair, and the additional comfort of the lumbar and neck pillows to help you sit up straight.

The metal frame is not easily broken, and can support up to 450 pounds of weight. This chair is massively heavy duty.

Pros: Strong supports make this ideal for big and tall guys that have had issues with weak chairs in the past.
Cons: It is expensive for a chair that is so similar to others on the market.
Bottom Line: Bigger and taller guys will appreciate how well this chair accommodates them in every aspect.

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